Office Potlucks: Potluck Ideas for Summer Carry-Ins

If you work in an office, there’s a good chance that a potluck is in your near future… especially with the 4th of July holiday just a few days away. And, with the potluck comes the dilemma of what to bring. Classics like potato salad or baked beans are always popular on the potluck table. But if you want to mix things up a bit — without stressing out over whether or not your dish will be a hit; it WILL! — try one of these easy, summery crowd-pleasers:

Sides & Savories

macaroni salad recipe for office potluck

Creamy Macaroni Salad – this version from is lighter and tastier, than the traditional one made with loads of mayonnaise; the fresh herbs and lemon juice give it a bright, sunny taste

easy office potluck ideas

Heirloom Tomato Salad – the fun colors and shapes of heirloom tomatoes make for a great looking dish; the light flavors of fresh herbs and vinegar make for a great tasting dish!

salads for office potluck

Asian Sesame Cucumber Salad – sweet crunchy cucumbers with a kick of heat from chili pepper flakes are the perfect counterpoint to any heartier dishes on the table

Main Dishes

Red, White and Blue Antipasti Plate – from the grocery or deli, assemble some:
sliced cured meats and roasted red pepper strips (the reds), baguette slices and fresh cheeses like mozzarella and pecorino (the whites), blue cheese, blueberries or fresh purple grapes (the blues)

potluck ideas

Stuffed Party Pinwheels – fun to make and easy to eat; but the out-of-the-ordinary curry and/or garlic and herb flavoring take these beyond the standard lunchtime wraps

pesto lasagne recipe

Pesto Lasagna – bursting with the summery taste of basil; make this ahead and serve at room temperature for a real crowd-pleaser


blueberry tart

Blueberry Walnut Tart – Can be made a day ahead, looks perfectly festive, and the light creamy filling and toasty walnut and graham cracker crust complement the sweetness of the blueberries without being too heavy

Seasonal Fruit Salad – Prepare a pretty platter of the freshest fruits from the farm stand — a mixture of berries and cantaloupe chunks are perfect — and dress it up with a drizzle of local honey and chiffonade of mint leaves

When all else fails, grab a freshly-made fruit pie from one of the many fantastic local Amish bakeries! Have a fun and festive Fourth!

Power Thru Your Work Day (Without Caffeine)

energy without caffeine
We know Monday’s are hard, but there are better ways to stay awake and alert at work than downing highly caffeinated drinks. Caffeine, within reason, is not harmful — but if you are turning to it too much, you can soon find yourself riding a roller coaster of feeling high energy one minute, then crashing shortly after. Or, even worse, finding that you have become desensitized to caffeine and need increasingly more to just even wake yourself up.

Here are some suggestions for healthier and longer-lasting ways to stay alert through the day:

Start the day right:

  • Open the shades or step outside as soon as possible: natural sunlight tells your internal clock that it is time to wake up
  • Energize yourself: try ending your shower with a minute of gradually cooling water temperature and then a blast of cold water (as cold as you can stand it) at the very end
  • Don’t eat a breakfast that will cause your body to “crash” in a few hours: avoid high-carb, sugary breakfast foods — try lean proteins like turkey sausage, smoked salmon or tofu; vegetables like tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms; and naturally sweetened yogurt

When mid-day sluggishness hits:

  • head outside: no matter the weather, a few minutes of fresh air and the change of scenery will recharge you
  • get your heart rate up: take a brisk walk around the block or trot up and down a couple flights of stairs
  • refuel: have a healthy snack (like nuts, cheese, veggies or fruit) and drink a big cool glass of water
  • change your position: adjust your chair, elevate your feet, or stand and work for awhile (visit Workspace Solutions to check out a wide range of adjustable chairs, desks and standing workstations)

End the day right:

  • don’t eat a heavy meal, or drink alcohol or caffeine, too close to bedtime
  • try to stick to a set bed time every day to reinforce your body’s sleep cycle timing
    BUT, if you can’t fall asleep right away, don’t lie in bed worrying about it — get up and do a light task or some reading and try again when you feel tired
  • don’t turn to technology or the TV right before bed: studies show that this type of stimulation interferes with sleep patterns

There are lots of options to keep yourself energized through the day! But it may be time to assess if your workspace is part of the problem. Workspace Solutions can help you bring more energy to your work environment with our innovative office furniture, lighting, and design plans. Visit our website or stop into our brand new office furniture showroom today!

Home Office: Tips for Comfort and Productivity

setting up a home office

Working remotely is increasingly common in today’s business environment. If this is something you do only very rarely, plopping at the kitchen table with your laptop for a couple of hours may suffice. But to really keep your focus, be productive, and avoid getting caught up in household (or the kids’ or the pets’) dramas, carve out a specific office space and get the most from it. It’s a straightforward process if you follow these suggestions:


The main requirement for productivity in any office space is that it’s comfortable and functional. Many homes today are built with a home office space. If you have one, but it doesn’t have a door, installing one can really cut down on distractions. Your remote office space can also be set up in any space that doesn’t get much traffic during the day: guest rooms, the basement, or your own bedroom.

Office Furniture

When furnishing a remote office, you need at least the basics:

  • a desk
  • a chair
  • lighting
  • storage

Avoid placing the desk or table right up against a wall. Too claustrophobic. Placing it near a window (but not directly in front, that equals glare and eyestrain) will give the benefits of natural light and the chance to occasionally turn and take in the view. Keep ergonomics in mind to avoid wrist and shoulder strain. A lower keyboard shelf or the space to add a monitor to your laptop are important considerations.

It’s definitely worth the investment to get a good chair — preferably one that’s adjustable. Your back will thank you! And you will be more productive if you are comfortable for long stretches of time.

Even with a window, you may want to add a desk light or floor lamp. Overhead house lighting is generally inadequate for work tasks.

Don’t forget about storage for office supplies, and your files. It doesn’t have to be a filing cabinet. Credenzas, bookcases or shelving in a closet can work just as well.


Depending on your type of work, set up space for:

  • computer or laptop
  • additional monitor(s)
  • printer and/or fax
  • landline phone
  • and the necessary power strips and cord containment systems
  • internet connection


If you have the space, consider:

  • additional comfortable seating with an ottoman (for your feet) and a side table (for your coffee) to offer a nice break for “thinking” time
  • a coffee pot, tea kettle and/or a small fridge so you don’t have to interrupt your work to go to the kitchen
  • a good supply of frequently used office items, so you don’t have to run downstairs every time you need a stapler or a new pen
  • a plant or two, to listen to your big ideas before you run them by your boss

New and Used Office Furniture in Fort Wayne

All of your remote/home office furniture needs can be met at Workspace Solutions right here in Fort Wayne. Our spacious office furniture showroom at 2208 Production Road has a wide selection of innovative and high-quality new and used office furniture including desks and tables, chairs, file cabinets, credenzas and other storage solutions.

Our design team will help you find the perfect items to enhance your remote office productivity and help you stay within budget! Visit our office furniture campus today.

Things to Consider When Searching for New Office Space

what to look for in a new office

Whether you are looking for office space for your new business or ready to expand your existing business, here are a few things to consider.


You’ve heard it send time and again… “location, location, location.” Depending on your business and clientele, you will need to choose a location that is convenient and within reach of your customers.If your business is service related and have clients or customers coming to your place of business on a regular basis, you should locate near the majority of your clients. You also want to make sure you are easy to find. However, if you typically go to your client’s office, the choices of a location are more of a convenience for you.


Next, make sure there is enough parking for your employees and customers. Convenient customer parking is important as this is the first impression your customer will have of your business. Employee parking is also important. Make sure your employees will have a safe and well-lit place to park.


The amount of space in your new office should accommodate all of your business needs such as offices, a conference area, a break room, and a common area with enough room to grow so you won’t need to find a new location too soon.

Office Furniture

When choosing an office space, think about what furniture and equipment you’ll need for each space. Individual offices should be large enough to allow for a desk, chairs, and any office equipment such as file cabinets or a credenza. The size of the desk will depend on the type of work to be done. For an executive office, a desk with an area to meet with clients is appropriate. For a work area desk, there should be a sufficient amount of surface area to accommodate a wide range of needed office equipment such as a computer, scanner, printer, etc.

A conference area should be designed with a table and chairs for a group of people such a clients or a collaborative work area for the employees. For a productive conference room, equip it with a built in projector, screen, computer, and speakers.

A well designed common area will provide space for shared office equipment and storage. Equipment such as shared printers, scanners, and file cabinets can be installed here. This is also a good space to install shelves or storage cabinets for office supplies such as paper, pens, sticky notes, etc.

The break room should have enough room for a table, a few chairs and some appliances such as a refrigerator, and sink. As an added benefit to your employees, a television is a nice touch and may provide some relaxing entertainment during break time.

When you are ready to furnish your new office space, come see us at Workspace Solutions with offices in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Warsaw, and South Bend. We carry a wide array of office furniture such as desks, chairs, conference tables, and workstations. We can also help you design your new or existing office to help you make the best use of your space.

Creating an Office Work Space on a Budget

used office furniture in fort wayne

Finding Quality Office Furniture without Breaking the Bank

Are you trying to put together a work space on a budget? Did you know that an office space can directly effect the success of your business? When it comes to furnishing and designing an office space, your goal is to create an office that maximizes productivity and company morale. However, the cost of a high quality work space can add up pretty quickly. Fortunately, there are some ways to create a highly functioning office on a budget.

Here are three ways you can get the most out of your budget, while also maximizing your company’s efficiency.

Set Priorities

In order to make sure that you get the most out of your budget, the first step is to make a list of everything you will need, starting with the most important. You and your coworkers might not need top-of-the-line, Italian leather chairs; but you certainly need desks. Start with the absolute necessities and work your way down to the not-so-necessary items. Once you have made your list, then you should have an idea of what kind of furniture you will need in order to fill your office space. You should also know what is within your budget.

Do your Homework

When it comes to furnishing your office, you might be tempted to buy the cheapest furniture you can find. While this might sound like a good idea, poorly made furniture can have many negative unintended consequences, such as:

  • Poorly constructed office furniture means that you will only have to replace it sooner which will cost you more in the long run.
  • Cheaply made furniture doesn’t take ergonomics into account. This means it’s only a matter of time before you or your coworkers develop neck or spine problems.
  • Uncomfortable furniture makes it hard to focus on work.
  • Cheap furniture can look tacky and make your office space look “behind the times.”
  • Poorly made furniture can be uncomfortable and have a negative effect on company morale.

Because of these reasons and moe, you need to make sure that you do your research in order to find furniture that’s not only affordable, but also comfortable, ergonomic, and high quality.

Used Office Furniture in Fort Wayne

When it comes to furnishing an office space on a budget, perhaps the best choice for your office is used furniture. Buying used office furniture can provide you with tasteful, high quality, ergonomic furniture that is well within your budget.

The used office furniture showroom at Workspace Solution’s new office furniture campus in Fort Wayne, IN has a wide variety of used furniture. Whether you need desks, office chairs, filing cabinets, waiting room furniture, conference room furniture, or other storage solutions, Workspace Solutions can help you find the perfect office furniture to fit your business and your budget. We can also help you design your office using a mixture of new and used furniture.

Visit Workspace Solution’s new showrooms on Production Road to see their HUGE selection of new and used office furniture, and staged showrooms. They also have experienced office planners to help you make the most out of your office space. Give them a call today at (888) 422-8529 for help finding the right solution for your space.

Office Spring Cleaning to Boost Productivity

spring cleaning your office

When most people think of Spring cleaning they tend to think of their homes. However, offices and workspaces could benefit from a good Spring cleaning as well. A clean, organized desk can help boost productivity and reduce stress. It can also make spending time in the office more enjoyable.

Follow these Spring cleaning and organizing tips to transform your desk or office and get ready to clear your mind and welcome new projects.

Declutter Your Desk

There’s nothing wrong with a little clutter. Albert Einstein even said:

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”.

And, a study conducted by the University of Minnesota proved that people with messy desks tend to be more creative. However, Spring is a great time to go through the items on your desk, sort through your paper,s and pitch what’s no longer essential. Recycle what you can.Then create a filing system to help keep yourself organized.

Organize Your Office

Organize your desk for productivity. Keep everyday essentials like your day planner, laptop, or sticky notes on your desk. Other items, like office supplies, should have a place inside your desk.

Organize your virtual life life as well. Delete old files or back them up to an external drive to free up space on your hard drive. You might consider a tune-up if your computer is running slow.

Clean Your Office

Get out the cleaning supplies. Your desk is a magnet for germs. Give it a good cleaning with some antibacterial wipes. Your computer screen will benefit from a good dusting as well.

Need help finding a place for everything in your office? Contact Workspace Solutions in for recommendations on filing cabinets and office storage solutions including under the desk filing cabinets, laterals, bookcases, overhead cabinets, and more.

In Fort Wayne call (260) 422-8529. In Warsaw call (574) 527-9268. Or, in Indianapolis call Phone: (888) 422-8529

5 Free Tools for Boosting Office Productivity

Save Time and Money with These 5 Free Tools to Boost Productivity at Work

We’ve all heard the old saying, “time is money”. Team leaders are always looking for ways to improve employee productivity in the workplace. And, with today’s ever changing digital landscape and an increasing focus on maximizing output and productivity, businesses have to be more tech savvy than ever to keep up.

There are thousands of office productivity applications available, but many enterprise level solutions are too costly for small and medium sized businesses to integrate into their systems architecture.

To help maximize productivity without breaking the bank, or even touching it, here are our 5 favorite free productivity tools that you can start using to streamline your office today.

#1: Skype for Instant Messaging

Most of us are familiar with instant messaging and online chat applications to keep in touch with friends but did you know that instant messaging can also be a powerful tool to streamline interoffice communications and external communications with remote contractors and vendors?

With everyone drowning in email, it can be difficult to to get information you need quickly when your colleague has 150 emails in front of yours to read first. A typical workaround to this problem is to get up and walk over to the office of your colleague and ask them the question in person.

While this can be an effective way to get information quickly, the “in-person” question method has several drawbacks, including:

  • Depending on the size of your office, it might take you a few minutes to walk back and forth between your desk and your coworker’s. It is also more likely that you’ll get stopped by others who have questions of their own for you or who just want to chat, which can easily add an additional 5-30 minutes to each trip (not to mention the time spent discussing your original question). While this may not seem like much time, if you are doing this multiple times a day you can lose 5 hours or more per week just in traveling from desk to desk.
  • Your colleague may be busy working on something that is more important to the business than the project or initiative that you want to ask them about. When you interrupt them, you disrupt their schedule and deadline commitments both while you are in their office but also after you leave. Studies show that it takes the average person up to 15 minutes to mentally reset between tasks.

With instant messaging applications, all of this can be avoided. Escape the dreaded email abyss, save time, and minimize disruptions and distractions by implementing an office-wide instant messaging system and policy. If someone is busy, they can ignore an IM and get back to you when it’s appropriate based on their priorities.

Our favorite instant messaging tool is Skype, which allows you to do free chat, video calling, and even screen sharing for quick and easy collaboration with anyone, anywhere – which is also great for working with remote workers, partners, and vendors. There is also a mobile app available for on-the-go communications.

#2 Asana for Task Management

Sometimes it can seem like you are being bombarded with tasks from 100 sources every minute of the day. When you’ve had 20 requests in your inbox today (on top of the 5 left over from yesterday), 8 requests from people walking by your desk, 3 requests from your manager during a meeting, 5 requests from clients calling in, and you’re working on multiple projects that require daily tasks that have already been assigned with deadlines for this week – how can you possibly keep track of it all?

This is where Asana comes in. Asana is a free (for up to 15 users) productivity tool that allows you to create departments, projects, and tasks within a centralized, web-based platform. In Asana you can keep tasks organized by project, by priority, and by due date as well as keep your team up-to-date without the need for email with comments, file sharing, and reporting capabilities.

Never miss a deadline again with this powerful tool that also features a mobile app for easy task management whether you’re in meetings or traveling.

#3: Yammer for Team Collaboration

Another way to increase productivity in your office is to streamline the team collaboration process. Instant messaging is typically a one-on-one communication method, email threads with multiple people on copy can get confusing and cumbersome, and status update meetings waste precious time.

A great way to combat this problem is to introduce a team collaboration tool like Yammer. Yammer allows you to create a social media style platform for your team to share updates and photos, get quick input from multiple team members on the same issue, and access frequently used documents.

With Yammer, you can create various groups so that only the team members who need to know what’s going on with a particular initiative receive updates and the whole team can share in the company’s wins (like a much less distracting “sales bell”).

Team collaboration tools like Yammer also promote team interaction and can help bring remote teams together.

#4 Google Drive for Document Sharing

Have you ever tried to email a document that was too large to send or that contained sensitive information that you wanted to restrict access to? What about trying to collaborate with other team members to suggest edits to a document via email (and getting confused and frustrated in the process)?

With Google Drive, each user can create an account tied to their work email address for free and receive up to 10GB of storage (there is also a paid business account option that provides more storage and admin security controls).

Like Dropbox and other document sharing tools, you can upload files to Google Drive and share them with others using links (which are less secure) or by inviting the intended recipients to login and access the documents via their own Google accounts.

But what really sets Google Drive apart are the Google Docs and collaboration features. Not only can you upload files to Google Drive, but you can also edit them directly in Drive. Microsoft Word and Excel documents can be converted to Google Docs and Sheets where you can then edit them with autosaving and document revision history in place. In addition, you can create Google Docs and Sheets directly in Drive (which is a great money saver if you can’t afford an enterprise edition of Microsoft Office).

With Google Drive’s collaboration features, document collaboration becomes a breeze. You and your colleagues can edit the same document at the same time, and the whole time it will show you what each user is doing. There’s a chat function so that you can collaborate on the changes being made and you can also set up permission for certain users so that they can suggest changes rather than edit the document, allowing for change control.

This makes revising documents a breeze and prevents frustrating rework (no more reviewing and redlining documents that aren’t the latest version!).

#5: CamScanner for Mobile Document Scanning

With the high costs of network scanners (not to mention the disruption when they break down or there is a network connectivity issue), many smaller offices are looking for a better solution to document scanning than purchasing large multi-function printer/scanner combo machines.

One great solution to this problem is a mobile document scanning app called CamScanner. Available for IOS and Android based smartphones and tablets, CamScanner allows you to snap pictures of any document with your mobile device and email it to yourself and others as a PDF. Sign and email documents quickly from anywhere with this handy little tool.

Other Productivity Factors

All of these tools can have a tremendous impact on workplace productivity, but another major factor of office efficiency is the office environment itself. At Workspace Solutions in Fort Wayne, IN, we want to help you maximize your office space by providing free office furniture layout consultations.

Contact us today to meet with an experienced associate that can help you achieve your office’s design, furniture, and functionality goals.

Fort Wayne Used Office Furniture Auction


Used Office Furniture Auction in Fort Wayne

fort wayne used office furniture auction

Workspace Solutions has relocated their office furniture showroom to 2208 Production Rd. and we’re clearing out a tremendous selection of high-quality used office furniture from our old Fort Wayne showrooms including:

  • Over a dozen Executive Desk Sets
  • Over 250 Chairs, of all varieties
  • 100’s of File Cabinets, both lateral and vertical, metal and wood
  • Many bookcases, hutches, and other types of cabinets
  • Break Room and Conference Room tables
  • Many other items too numerous to mention

If you’re looking for high-quality used office furniture, now’s the time to buy! Join us for a used office furniture auction at our old location on Coliseum Blvd.

March 21, 2015 9am – early afternoon
at 919 N.Coliseum Blvd in Fort Wayne
Preview Friday the 20th, 10a-3p.

Visit for a complete listing and photos