How to Keep Employees Happy: 4 Terrific Tips

30% of American workers say that they only stay in their job “to get by”.

As a business owner, you should always be striving to boost your employee happiness. When you have happy employees, running a company becomes much easier. There’s less employee turnover and the ones that are there remain engaged with their work, leading to better productivity and morale.

So, how do you approach the issue of employee happiness? In this post, we’re going to give you 4 business tips on how to keep employees happy for the long haul. Keep reading and you’ll start seeing the benefits of an upbeat, happy office.

1. Flex Time

One of the things that all employees really value these days is a healthy work-life balance. Gone are the days when you could push your employees to work overtime for the good of the company. Over 75% of Americans claim to have experienced burnout in their careers as a result of this kind of mindset.

Offering a more flexible work schedule to your workers is a great way to keep them happy. As long as the work is getting done, there’s no harm in letting your employees work from home or flex hours. 

2. Employee Wellness Spaces

At the same time, you should create an office environment that is conducive to employee happiness. In general, employees are happier when they feel like they’re part of a cohesive team. You can cultivate this mindset in the way that your office is laid out.

Create spaces throughout your office where teams of people can meet in a more comfortable, casual way. These are known as “breakout spaces” and some of the most innovative companies in the world use them to great effect. 

Add more comfortable furniture and scatter these breakout spaces throughout the office. You’ll start to see different groups of people congregating around them, which is always a good sign for company morale.

3. Better Communication

Better top-down communication is always a good way to produce happy employees. People just want to feel involved in the success of the company, so you should never be secretive about the important decisions that are being made.

Always give your employees an opportunity to contribute to these decisions and encourage them to be open with one another as well. The more communication, in general, there is, the better the vibe will be in the office.

4. Update Office Materials

Many offices are full of the same desks, chairs, tables, and supplies that they’ve had for 20 years. If you want your employees to be happy and feel valued, you need to show that you value them.

Updating your office equipment so that it conforms with today’s ergonomic standards will make the work day better for each employee. Head to our shop today for all of your office furniture needs.

Learning How to Keep Employees Happy

Learning how to keep employees happy is an ongoing process for every business owner out there. The key is to listen to what they want and do your best to deliver it.

Every employee, whether it’s at a small business or the largest corporation in town, wants comfort. At Workspace Solutions, we’ll work with you to design the best office environment with the best furniture and equipment. Visit our site today to view our inventory and contact us for office design advice.

The Best Benefits of Collaborative Workspaces

It’s estimated that by 2024, around 5 million people will be working in 42,000 coworking spaces worldwide.

Over the last few years, the way we work has changed from showing up at an office every day to working from home. 

But, collaborative workspaces strike the perfect balance between socializing with other employees and having flexibility with your work routine. 

So, what are the collaborative workspace benefits that make this setup better than the traditional office environment? 

Keep reading to learn more about why you need to use collaborative workspace spaces.

Why You Need To Use Collaborative Workspaces

Collaborative workspaces are where different companies work in the same space, ranging from large corporations to small startups.

Unlike traditional workspaces, this design is meant to encourage people to show up at an office without being restricted to staying for several hours.

Often, collaborative workspaces have a common area and separate work areas so people can socialize between work tasks. But, there are many benefits of collaborative workspaces. 

For instance, you can easily set up these workstations. 

Easy to Setup

All you need to create a successful collaborative workspace is an empty work office environment and high-quality furniture. Theoretically, you could turn your home living room into a collaborative workspace with the right tools.

But, most people rent office space and add furniture for employees. You can charge people a fee to use the collaborative workspace, which can generate significant business income. 

Pick a Great Location

Another benefit of collaborative workspaces is that you can pick any location. You don’t need to be confined to a dull, grey business building. Instead, you can open a collaborative workspace by the beach if you want to. 

Although if you want to make the office open to everyone, you pick a busy business hub in the center of a city. This will be guaranteed to attract employees and businesses. 

Save Money

Nowadays, businesses are including a hybrid model for many workers, so there isn’t the same demand for fully rented office buildings. This gives you more flexibility with your budget. 

Using a collaborative workspace is ideal for giving people a place to work that’s not their home, but it reduces the cost of renting several building floors. 

Plus, you can share the rental costs with other companies who share the space. 

Encouraging Design

One of the main reasons that people leave a job or show up unhappy with their shift is because the environment is uninspiring.

With the rise of wellness and the focus on mental health, having an encouraging workplace is essential. 

Thankfully, collaborative workspaces enable you to create a calming, welcoming space that’s open and friendly. When you invest in high-quality furniture, your employees will love going to work.

They won’t suffer from back pain, and the space will look incredible.

Invest in the Best Workspace Furniture

Without the right furniture, you won’t be able to achieve a successful collaborative workspace. The little details like chairs, desks, and lounge areas are key to having a productive office. 

Collaborative workspaces are only as good as you make them. So, invest in the best furniture with our unique collaborative workspace solutions. 

Contact us if you have any questions. 

No More Cubicles: How to Create a Collaborative Workspace

collaborative workspace

Although he created the cubicle in the 1960s, Robert Propst regretted his invention by the end of his life. Large corporations were using it to pack as many employees in a room as possible, which was not his intention. 

Because of this misuse of design, many people have come to hate working in a cubicle-filled office. While cubicles are a great way to add privacy, using them incorrectly can decrease productivity and keep teams from working together.

Utilizing cubicles along with open areas can increase productivity and overall happiness in the workplace. 

If you’re looking around your office right now realizing it needs an update, this guide has you covered. Keep reading to learn how you can take your office design out of the cubicle box and to the next level. 

Collaborative Workspace Furniture

Having a few different furniture styles around the office provides employees separate spaces for different types of work. For a collaborative office space, set up booths, long tables with plenty of chairs, couches, huddle spaces, and informal meeting spaces.

When the furniture is already set up so employees can gather face-to-face, it encourages them to meet and brainstorm solutions to problems or other ideas about how to progress the company. 

The Colors of the Collaborative Workspace

While you may not think employees care about the color of the office walls, subconsciously, it affects their moods. White walls can hinder productivity, while blues have a calming effect, and natural tones promote efficiency.

Perhaps your brand’s colors align with the mood you want to establish within your office. Even if you only use them on accent walls, the pop of color will boost the overall mood in the office. This will encourage people to work with one another. 

Establish a Positive and Welcoming Ambience 

There are a couple of things you can do to ensure your employees enjoy spending their 44 weeks in your office. The first action you can take is playing upbeat music in the background. Researchers at Cornell University found that when happy, upbeat songs play in an office, it increases collaboration. 

Additionally, food is fuel. By providing a place for healthy snacks in a designated space in the office, your employees can keep their energy up and mood positive while spending time with one another.

A small cafe space can serve as a place for people to get to know one another, not just as colleagues, but as people. So they can develop stronger bonds that’ll make them better when working on professional projects. 

Ready to Take Your Office Into the Modern Age? 

Having a collaborative workspace promotes productivity and overall employee happiness. Why not invest in office furniture and spaces that create a healthy environment? 

For all your office needs, check out Workspace Solutions. We know how to create a collaborative workplace using our versatile products. Reach out to us today for assistance breaking out of the cubicle and transforming your space. 

Workspace Solutions Announces Opening of Premier Coworking Space in Fort Wayne

coworking space fort wayne

Fort Wayne, IN – Co-llaborate, co-create, co-mingle, and co-work at Ft. Wayne’s newest Coworking Space by Workspace Solutions!

For over 40 years Workspace Solutions has been helping businesses in and around Northeast Indiana create and furnish office spaces. Owners Brent Stoller and Mike Hunter know what furniture businesses need to be productive and how to design a space where people want to work. Keeping in line with their motto, ‘We Create Spaces,’ they’ve designed and furnished thousands of office spaces from private offices and collaborative areas to conference rooms and lobbies. Now, they’re excited to announce the opening of their newest creation, Fort Wayne’s newest coworking space on May 1, 2019.

Optimally located on the north side of the city, just off the I-69 corridor, this new space offers 2,000 square feet of well-designed workspace filled with some of the best office furniture in the industry. The new shared office space will give entrepreneurs, students, engineers, freelancers, and startups a place to do business as well as a dedicated business address.

If you’re an entrepreneurial nomad or freelancer in search of a dedicated workspace without a long-term lease or if working from home or a local coffee shop isn’t working, Fort Wayne’s newest coworking space has just what you need.

The new shared office space offers members open seating, free parking and WIFI, a free coffee bar, a conference room, collaborative areas, and phone booth rooms for private conversations. They also offer dedicated spaces and a limited number of two-person offices.

“Fort Wayne is a hotbed of creative thinkers, innovators, and futurists,” says Hunter. “We not only want to give these local entrepreneurs and startups a low-cost place to work, we want to give them a place to connect, collaborate, and grow their business.”

  • Monthly rates start as low as $100, and there is no long-term commitment.
  • Premium membership at $150/mo offer a dedicated chair, desk, and locking cabinet
  • A two-person office is only $450/mo and provides a dedicated chair, desk, & locking cabinet, separate locking door to space, a sign with your company name, and a 3’x4’ glass-marker board.

Workspace Solutions’ Coworking Space opens May 1, 2019 at 2208 Production Road. Schedule a tour or reserve your space at or by calling (260) 422-8529.