Top 5 Health Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs

ergonomic chair

Musculoskeletal dysfunction including repetitive strain disorders cost American employers $1.5 billion in lost productivity in one year. Not only are employees absent from work due to this, but they are also less productive at work as a result. A recent study shows that using ergonomic chairs in the workplace reduced the musculoskeletal symptoms among employees.

Read on for 5 health benefits of an ergonomic chair in the workplace.

1. Say Goodbye to Back Pain

31 million Americans suffer from back pain at any given time. It is a common reason for visiting the doctor, the chiropractor, and for taking sick days at work.

You might be surprised to learn that an ergonomic seat is one thing you can do to reduce back pain at work. An ergonomic chair provides proper lumbar and spinal support that follows the natural curve of your spine. While many office chairs only reach the height of the mid-back, ergo chairs provide full back support for both your lower and upper back. Traditional chairs force you to sit in a static position that may or may not support your spine.

With an ergo chair, you can lean back to over 90 degrees for a simple way to change your position while you sit.

2. Ergonomic Office Chairs Improve Posture

One of the best health benefits of ergonomic seating is that it ensures you have a proper seated posture. But what is good posture anyway? Proper posture means that your body parts are in the correct alignment. When you don’t have proper posture, certain muscles that should be keeping you upright aren’t. Over time, these muscles become weak from lack of use. Good posture protects your joints from wearing out. And it helps prevent muscle strain.

Ergo chairs have the necessary features like head and backrests so that you sit correctly. When you sit in an ergonomic chair with your feet flat on the floor, your hips and knees become parallel and automatically improve your sitting position.

3. Reduces Stiffness

Neck support is crucial for people who sit at desks all day. Without one, your neck and shoulders become stiff. Over time, you could develop serious conditions such as cervical spondylosis. The headrest on an ergonomic chair supports your head and neck so that you can stretch out. Imagine being able to lean back and look up when you are on a long phone call.

Your eyes will get a break from the glare of the screen and your neck will love the gentle stretch and support.

4. Supports Your Hips

Most chairs have a hard, flat and short surface for you to sit on. Sitting in these seats puts pressure on your hips. Alternately, an ergonomic chair is deep enough to give ample support to your hips.

5. Ergo Chairs are Customizable

Ergonomic chairs have adjustable backrest and seat height and adjustable arms. That means that the chair can be modified to make it comfortable for you. Your body is different than everyone else, so why should you sit in a chair that isn’t tailored to your body?

Bottom Line

We hope you found these 5 health benefits of ergonomic chairs useful.

An ergonomic office chair can reduce or eliminate your neck and back pain, support your hips and ensure you have good posture. And you can adjust the chair to be right for your body.

Good seating is a smart investment for anyone who spends a few hours sitting a day.

Next, check out these 7 tips for practical ergonomics in the workplace.

5 Ideas For Quirky and Comfortable Office Chairs

office chairs
Fans of the TV show “The Office” may remember the episode in which Jim bursts Dwight’s bubble — literally — by taking a scissor to the stability ball office chair he’s sitting on. These oversized exercise balls were once all the rage in trendy, fitness-forward workplaces, and chances are there’s still one floating around your office somewhere.

Today, there are many more options for stylish, fun, and super comfortable office chairs. Here are a few of our top picks!

Five of the Best Quirky, Comfy Office Chairs

Upright Chair

locus seat focal upright chair

You’ve probably heard that “sitting is the new smoking” in terms of being detrimental to your health. Standing desks are hugely popular, but standing while working on a computer or at a drafting table isn’t for everyone.

Find a perfect compromise between the benefits of a standing desk and the ease of a chair with an upright chair. You don’t sit on it, but it does provide support by giving you a place to park your bottom. An additional foot board or foot rest takes pressure off those tired dogs, while the angle of the upright chair helps keep your body in an optimal 135-degree open-hip posture.

Pivot Seat

pivot seat focal upright

Are you the type of person who just can’t sit still? Always jiggling a knee (possibly to your coworkers’ chagrin)? Have you commandeered your child’s fidget spinner so you can use it during meetings? If so, Pivot Seat by Focal Upright may be a perfect choice.

A slightly curved base on these molded, lightweight chairs gives you the option to twist, turn, and otherwise fidget as you sit. It gives you the same core-balancing benefits as a stability ball, but without the fear that you’ll roll right off.

Scooch Chair

scooch chair

Modern and minimalist, the Scooch Chair offers several ways to sit. Its handles, light weight, and small-but-mighty profile make it easy to move. Pull it out whenever or wherever an extra seat is needed. Or tuck it under your workstation when it’s not in use.

The Scooch comes in bold, bright jewel tones for a funky office, as well as in more muted earth tones if the rest of your office chairs and other furniture are more conservative.

Stability Ball Chair

If you love your stability ball — coworkers with sharp implements be damned — but want an upgrade, consider a ball chair. Essentially a frame that holds the ball in place, this chair also boasts a back, armrests, and casters just like traditional office chairs.

Fitness buffs enjoy the way a stability ball chair provides the best of both worlds. Pop the ball out for an impromptu workout or a nice relaxing stretch!

A Stylish Swivel Chair

bank of england chair

Maybe you’re old-fashioned. You love the clean, classic look of a slat-backed wooden chair, the kind once found in libraries and courtrooms everywhere. But such vintage seats aren’t particularly comfortable, and they’re darn near impossible to move with ease.

Guess what? You can have your old-school charm and the comfort of a regular swivel chair. Gunlocke’s Bank of England office chairs combines sophistication with adjustability for the ultimate in executive style.

Office Chairs in Fort Wayne

With today’s wide range of office chairs, you can swivel, scoot, balance, bobble, and wobble all while you get your work done. And the best part? We can deliver these chairs to your office! Get in touch and let’s help you add some comfort to your office.

Standing Desks vs. Sitting Desks


The Benefits of Standing at Work

A few years ago, health experts began to discover the benefits of using a standing desk at work. After all, the effects of a sedentary lifestyle include many conditions such as weight gain, spine problems, back pain, heart issues, and many more! If you have been thinking about trying to include some healthy habits and better ergonomics into your work day, consider a standing desk. Before you decide on whether or not a standing desk would make a good addition to your office furniture, there are some things you might want to know.

The Effects of Sitting at your Desk

Many people do not consider the effects that sitting all day can have on your body. The fact is that sitting all day is so bad that it can’t even be outdone by exercise. Evolutionary biologist and writer for the New York Times, Olivia Judson says:

“It doesn’t matter if you go running every morning, or you’re a regular at the gym. If you spend most of the rest of the day sitting — in your car, your office chair, on your sofa at home — you are putting yourself at increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, a variety of cancers and an early death. In other words, irrespective of whether you exercise vigorously, sitting for long periods is bad for you.”

Because of these issues, a popular trend is standing desks. There are many benefits of standing while working. Along with increased muscle activity that goes along with standing, those who stand at work also move around more, which leads to:

  • burning more calories
  • lower levels of triglycerides and fats in the blood
  • better processing of glucose (high levels of glucose lead to diabetes and heart disease)
  • increased alertness and better moods

Many researchers claim that continual standing is actually more beneficial than regular exercise. Exercising has proven benefits, of course. But those who stand at work gain more benefits from the constant (though almost non-perceivable) increase in muscle activity that standing encourages. Simple, frequent movement may have longer term benefits than regular exercise.

Tips for Standing at Work

In order to maximize your comfort and ergonomics while standing at your desk, your monitor should be at eye level, and your desktop should be at the height of your hands when your elbows are bent at a 90 degree angle.

If you decide that you would benefit from a standing desk, there are some things to keep in mind in order for you to get the most out of your decision. First, don’t just immediately begin standing for 8 or 9 hours a day. In order for your back and leg muscles to adjust, it is best to gradually work up to a full day of standing.

Because you will most likely want the option of sitting, it might be best for you to invest in an adjustable desk. In order to allow the option of sitting, there are many desks available from quality office furniture manufacturers like Hon, Allsteel, and SurfaceWorks that adjust to a custom height either electrically or manually.



Still, another option is the Quickstand from Humanscale. This stand sits on your existing desk, and allows you to raise and adjust the height of your keyboard and monitor; allowing you to turn your desk into an ergonomic standing desk quickly and effortlessly.

The Best Sit-to-Stand Desks at Workspace Solutions

Whether you need an adjustable sit-to-stand desk, or just would like to add a standing option to your existing desk, Workspace Solutions in Fort Wayne can help you find any kind of desk you’d like. They are experts in space design and ergonomics and will help you to make sure that your office furniture is providing maximum comfort, boosting your productivity, and promoting your overall health.

5 Essentials for Your Office Space

5 office essentialsIs your Office Furniture working for you?

The furnishings and accessories in your office space can have an impact on your productivity, efficiency, and even your physical well-being. It’s important to understand the functions you require from these essentials — and to invest in items that are both designed to meet these functions and built to last. Here are some things to look for as you decide if your office furniture is helping — or hindering — your workplace productivity and happiness.

Is your Desk working for you?

There are endless amounts of options when it comes to office desk sizes, shapes and features. The style you would like (e.g. traditional, contemporary, solid wood, etc) along with your budget are important factors in making your choice. But equally, if not more important is to consider how you will be using the desk. Does it need to fit only a computer or will other types of work like drafting blueprints or sorting and organizing paperwork require more space? The height of the desk is also an important element when considering comfort and usability. Are there options that need to be included like drawers, hutches, shelves or extensions? Will the desk fit in the office space and allow room for other necessary furnishings?

How about your Seating?

An adjustable chair is best for use at the desk — allowing the user to change its features for maximum comfort. Adjustable features may include: height, tilt, back angle, seat angle, and lumbar support; along with options like arms, castors, and the variety of upholstery material. When choosing an office chair, it is important to keep in mind which features you will need in order to keep you working hard all day, while maximizing comfort.

Is your Storage Space Organized?

Even in our computer focused era, almost every office is still going to require some system for organizing and storing papers and files. Piles of unorganized paperwork can waste your time and increase your frustration level. Options for organization could range from large lateral filing cabinets to more simple desktop organizing trays. Don’t forget a wastebasket and recycling bin as key components of paper management.

Is your Workspace Ergonomic?

As desk height and an adjustable chair are important for workplace comfort, certain computer accessories can also increase productivity. Ergonomic options such as an adjustable keyboard drawer, a wrist rest in front of a desktop keyboard, or a riser to place the monitor at proper viewing level can all contribute to a more comfortable and efficient work area.

Does your Office have Proper Lighting?

Both comfortable ambient lighting and appropriate task lighting are essential to a comfortable office space. Poor lighting can lead to eyestrain, vision problems, and reduced work performance. Computer work can be particularly visually demanding under improper lighting situations. Overhead lighting should be low or glare free. Task lighting lamps should be adjustable, low-glare and located in a convenient position appropriate for your tasks.

Workspace Solutions has all the Office Essentials

At Workspace Solutions in Fort Wayne, we can help you select and prioritize your office furniture based on our years of experience helping a wide-range of businesses design and furnish their workspaces. We offer only products from manufacturers that we know offer the best quality and value. Let us help you design your office space for maximum efficiency, usability and comfort.

Is Your Office Desk Breaking Your Back?

desk causing back painYour Workspace Should be Pain-free

Many of us work at jobs that require spending a large part of the day in a sedentary position in a chair, in front of a computer. This actually places a lot of stress on our bodies and can even lead to the development of physical pain and ailments. OSHA (The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration) defines working environment ergonomics as: “The Science of fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the capabilities of the working population.” If your desk was set up without any consideration to ergonomics, it may be contributing to — or causing — a range of aches, pains, and even injury.

Dr. Richard Busch of Busch Chiropractic in Fort Wayne, who has treated thousands of patients who suffer with neck and back pain states, “Some of these injuries could have been avoided. Years, even months, of using poor quality office furniture, furniture that has not been set up properly for the user, or bad posture, may lead to early wear and tear, chronic back pain or neck pain including disc degeneration or herniated discs causing back pain and/or neck pain.”

Below are guidelines for workspace use that will reduce physical strain and increase comfort and productivity:

Proper Seating

  • maximize the options of an adjustable chair to find the best fit for you
  • keep a couple of inches between the front of the seat and the back of your knees
  • support your lower back with the chair’s lumbar support or add a small cushion
  • sit reclining slightly away from your desk — a stiff-backed posture is stressful for the spine
  • keep your feet flat on the floor, about hip-width apart, and don’t cross your legs
  • adjust the seat height so that knees are at a 90 degree angle — or lower — from the hips

Upper Body Relaxed

  • the alphabetical part of the keyboard should be centered in front of you
  • with hands on the keyboard, wrists should be in a neutral position or supported by a wrist rest
  • elbows should be at a 90 degree angle when hands are on the keyboard
  • keep the mouse as close to the keyboard as possible
  • use keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse — when using the mouse move it from your elbow rather than your wrist
  • consider an adjustable keyboard tray attached to your desk for proper wrist and arm positioning
  • keep shoulders relaxed when holding the phone — consider a headset if you are on the phone for long periods
  • don’t crane your neck towards your computer — its weight should be supported by the neck and spine

Limit Eye Strain

  • keep the monitor at arm’s length from your eyes; raise it so that the top of the screen is about eye-level
  • tilt your monitor 10-20 degrees away from you
  • avoid glare on the screen from windows or other light sources
  • give your eyes frequent breaks by looking at a far away objects for a few seconds
  • if you reference paperwork while typing, use an attachable holder to place documents as close to the screen as possible

Get up!

  • take frequent small stretching breaks for hands and fingers, legs and ankles, neck and shoulders — you can even do these while seated
  • throughout the day, take occasional longer breaks to move your whole body — stand, stretch, walk, and climb stairs

A note on laptops:

Laptop use at the office is on the rise. Unfortunately, the ergonomics in laptop design are poor — if the screen is at an appropriate height and distance, the keyboard is impossible to use, and vice versa. If you work at a laptop for a significant amount of time, add an external keyboard or monitor so that less stress is placed on your body and eyes. Keep in mind your office chair and desktop height, as described above, for the least stress possible.

Your workspace arrangement may be putting more stress on your body than you realize. The knowledgeable professionals at Workspace Solutions in Fort Wayne can help you identify the best office furniture and designs for a more ergonomic office space and improved work flow. Our goal is to help you work better — more efficiently and more comfortably.

What’s New in Office Furniture?

What’s new in office furniture?

As time goes on, new ideas in technology and trends continue to develop. The same goes for office furniture.  Quality office furniture manufacturers are always coming up with product lines better than the last in order to improve office planning, design, and productivity.  In order to stay ahead of the curve, here is a quick guide to some new products and lines that can be found at Workspace Solutions.

HON Basyx

At the forefront of American-made office furniture, HON creates quality office furniture that is guaranteed to last. Their contemporary designs and superior workmanship have made them one of the leading office furniture manufacturers in the United States.

New to the HON line of products is the Basyx Collection; a collection of office furniture ranging in items from office chairs to tables and desks.  The idea behind the Basyx collection was to bring the highest quality and most modern look available at the lowest price possible.  The highly reputable HON company has now made high quality office furniture available for those on a budget.  Not only is this the best deal around, but the Basxy collection is guaranteed to bring a sleek, modern look to any contemporary office.

Allsteel’s Gather Collection

When it comes to office furniture, Allsteel is leading the way in its revolutionary designs.  Based in Iowa, Allsteel produces quality, American made office furniture in a new, creative way.  Allsteel’s new product line, the Gather Collection, transcends all other styles of furniture.  Their unique philosophy on the importance of office atmosphere and collaboration is revealed in the Gather Collection.  This line highlights the importance of comfort, while also creating a highly productive work environment.

Product overview image
The unique design of the newScooch chair allows you to literally pull up a chair anywhere you might need it.  It is extremely lightweight and portable, and because of the unique design, there are multiple ways to sit in this chair, allowing for maximum comfort and versatility.

Product overview image

The ingenious design of the Rise seating area  takes group projects to a whole new level.  Literally- the three tiered structure of the Rise allows multiple people to sit and chat, without taking up a whole room.

ABCO’s Z-Series Tables

Another leading office furniture manufacturer, ABCO creates unique product designs that help give modern office spaces a more contemporary, sleek aesthetic.  New from ABCO is the Z-Series; a line of all new tables designed to bring life to any classroom or conference room setting.  The lightweight yet sturdy tables are built on wheels so you can easily take your meeting anywhere you need to be.

ABCO’s philosophy is that office furniture is the basis of productivity and creativity in an office.  If the furniture reflects creativity, employees are more likely to carry that creativity with them in their projects. This philosophy certainly comes through in the Z-Series.

Workspace Solutions Has it All

For these new lines of products, and many more, visit Workspace Solutions.  Not only have we been helping businesses around the Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Warsaw, and South Bend areas furnish their offices, but we also have great office planners and designers on hand to help you maximize creativity and productivity!

Whether you are looking to add a more modern appeal to your waiting room, or you just need to update your space with more modern office furniture, Workspace Solutions can help you bring your business into the 21st century.

The Right Office Chair for Your Style and Space

Office Chair, Computer Chair, Side Chair, Stools… so many choices when it comes to office furniture!

It used to be that when you thought about seating for your office, you thought of a typical desk chair, one with arms and casters so you could scoot in and back from your desk. Today, there are a lot of different types and styles of chairs designed for the office. Allsteel, a furniture supplier for Workspace Solutions,  has designed and manufactured office chairs since 1912. They offer at several different categories of office chairs, and each of these come in several different designs providing a solution for every style, task, and person, and to compliment any space!


Work chairs

Conference chairs


Multi-Purpose office chairs


Side chair


Training & classroom chairs




Lounge chairs


No one is more aware of the growth in the types and styles of office chairs over the years than Workspace Solutions, your authorized Allsteel dealer for Fort Wayne, South Bend, Warsaw, and Indianapolis. We spend almost our entire day at the office in our chairs, let Workspace Solutions fit you with the perfect chair for you, your style, and your space!

Is Work a Pain in Your Back?

Don’t let work be a pain in your back!

Poor posture is one of the biggest culprits for back injuries. Check out these 7 simple ways to improve your posture at work:

How Well Does Your Office Chair Fit?

desk chairs fort wayne office furniture at Workspace Solutions


We’ll also add a #8. Make sure your desk chair is comfortable, the correct size for your frame,  and provides the correct support. There are many different types and sizes of chairs. If your chair doesn’t fit your needs, contact one of the Workspace Solutions offices today in Fort Wayne, Warsaw, Indianapolis, and South Bend to find the best office chair for you.