5 Ideas For Quirky and Comfortable Office Chairs

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Fans of the TV show “The Office” may remember the episode in which Jim bursts Dwight’s bubble — literally — by taking a scissor to the stability ball office chair he’s sitting on. These oversized exercise balls were once all the rage in trendy, fitness-forward workplaces, and chances are there’s still one floating around your office somewhere.

Today, there are many more options for stylish, fun, and super comfortable office chairs. Here are a few of our top picks!

Five of the Best Quirky, Comfy Office Chairs

Upright Chair

locus seat focal upright chair

You’ve probably heard that “sitting is the new smoking” in terms of being detrimental to your health. Standing desks are hugely popular, but standing while working on a computer or at a drafting table isn’t for everyone.

Find a perfect compromise between the benefits of a standing desk and the ease of a chair with an upright chair. You don’t sit on it, but it does provide support by giving you a place to park your bottom. An additional foot board or foot rest takes pressure off those tired dogs, while the angle of the upright chair helps keep your body in an optimal 135-degree open-hip posture.

Pivot Seat

pivot seat focal upright

Are you the type of person who just can’t sit still? Always jiggling a knee (possibly to your coworkers’ chagrin)? Have you commandeered your child’s fidget spinner so you can use it during meetings? If so, Pivot Seat by Focal Upright may be a perfect choice.

A slightly curved base on these molded, lightweight chairs gives you the option to twist, turn, and otherwise fidget as you sit. It gives you the same core-balancing benefits as a stability ball, but without the fear that you’ll roll right off.

Scooch Chair

scooch chair

Modern and minimalist, the Scooch Chair offers several ways to sit. Its handles, light weight, and small-but-mighty profile make it easy to move. Pull it out whenever or wherever an extra seat is needed. Or tuck it under your workstation when it’s not in use.

The Scooch comes in bold, bright jewel tones for a funky office, as well as in more muted earth tones if the rest of your office chairs and other furniture are more conservative.

Stability Ball Chair

If you love your stability ball — coworkers with sharp implements be damned — but want an upgrade, consider a ball chair. Essentially a frame that holds the ball in place, this chair also boasts a back, armrests, and casters just like traditional office chairs.

Fitness buffs enjoy the way a stability ball chair provides the best of both worlds. Pop the ball out for an impromptu workout or a nice relaxing stretch!

A Stylish Swivel Chair

bank of england chair

Maybe you’re old-fashioned. You love the clean, classic look of a slat-backed wooden chair, the kind once found in libraries and courtrooms everywhere. But such vintage seats aren’t particularly comfortable, and they’re darn near impossible to move with ease.

Guess what? You can have your old-school charm and the comfort of a regular swivel chair. Gunlocke’s Bank of England office chairs combines sophistication with adjustability for the ultimate in executive style.

Office Chairs in Fort Wayne

With today’s wide range of office chairs, you can swivel, scoot, balance, bobble, and wobble all while you get your work done. And the best part? We can deliver these chairs to your office! Get in touch and let’s help you add some comfort to your office.