The Science of Ergonomics


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You hear the word all the time, but what does it mean? Specifically it comes from two Greek words:

• ERGO: meaning work

• NOMOS: meaning laws

Ergonomics is an applied science — designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact as efficiently and safely as possible.

Ergonomic product designers study how the human body uses or fits with a product — then they strive to decrease fatigue and discomfort through that product’s design. Ergonomics applied to office furniture design takes into consideration how the products fit the people that are using them (and vice versa). Workplace products designed with ergonomics in mind can lead to higher worker productivity and lower risk of injury and illnesses.

There are common postures found in the office environment that are considered when designing workspace products or space:

  • Standing
  • Sitting
  • Reaching
  • Moving

Workspace Solutions’ knowledgeable staff assesses how much time your employees spend at these different activities. Ultimately, the workplace should be comfortable for users and adapt to their needs as much as possible. Our office furniture experts will identify challenges your office may have in these areas and suggest the best products and design to help you and your staff work better.

Office Furniture Solutions in Fort Wayne, South Bend, Indianapolis, & Warsaw

The Workspace Solutions’ experts in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, South Bend, and Warsaw excel at solving office furniture and space challenges of businesses both large and small. We know that today’s dynamic workspaces need to do more and be more. A key factor in our space designs is awareness of ergonomics and experience with the best office furnishing products available — those that help employees work more comfortably, efficiently, and effectively.

Many of the office furnishing lines we carry, such as Allsteel, are world-renowned for their ergonomic design. Let us help you make your unique office space as comfortable, safe and efficient as possible. Work better with Workspace Solutions.


Is Work a Pain in Your Back?

Don’t let work be a pain in your back!

Poor posture is one of the biggest culprits for back injuries. Check out these 7 simple ways to improve your posture at work:

How Well Does Your Office Chair Fit?

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We’ll also add a #8. Make sure your desk chair is comfortable, the correct size for your frame,  and provides the correct support. There are many different types and sizes of chairs. If your chair doesn’t fit your needs, contact one of the Workspace Solutions offices today in Fort Wayne, Warsaw, Indianapolis, and South Bend to find the best office chair for you.