Home Office: Tips for Comfort and Productivity

setting up a home office

Working remotely is increasingly common in today’s business environment. If this is something you do only very rarely, plopping at the kitchen table with your laptop for a couple of hours may suffice. But to really keep your focus, be productive, and avoid getting caught up in household (or the kids’ or the pets’) dramas, carve out a specific office space and get the most from it. It’s a straightforward process if you follow these suggestions:


The main requirement for productivity in any office space is that it’s comfortable and functional. Many homes today are built with a home office space. If you have one, but it doesn’t have a door, installing one can really cut down on distractions. Your remote office space can also be set up in any space that doesn’t get much traffic during the day: guest rooms, the basement, or your own bedroom.

Office Furniture

When furnishing a remote office, you need at least the basics:

  • a desk
  • a chair
  • lighting
  • storage

Avoid placing the desk or table right up against a wall. Too claustrophobic. Placing it near a window (but not directly in front, that equals glare and eyestrain) will give the benefits of natural light and the chance to occasionally turn and take in the view. Keep ergonomics in mind to avoid wrist and shoulder strain. A lower keyboard shelf or the space to add a monitor to your laptop are important considerations.

It’s definitely worth the investment to get a good chair — preferably one that’s adjustable. Your back will thank you! And you will be more productive if you are comfortable for long stretches of time.

Even with a window, you may want to add a desk light or floor lamp. Overhead house lighting is generally inadequate for work tasks.

Don’t forget about storage for office supplies, and your files. It doesn’t have to be a filing cabinet. Credenzas, bookcases or shelving in a closet can work just as well.


Depending on your type of work, set up space for:

  • computer or laptop
  • additional monitor(s)
  • printer and/or fax
  • landline phone
  • and the necessary power strips and cord containment systems
  • internet connection


If you have the space, consider:

  • additional comfortable seating with an ottoman (for your feet) and a side table (for your coffee) to offer a nice break for “thinking” time
  • a coffee pot, tea kettle and/or a small fridge so you don’t have to interrupt your work to go to the kitchen
  • a good supply of frequently used office items, so you don’t have to run downstairs every time you need a stapler or a new pen
  • a plant or two, to listen to your big ideas before you run them by your boss

New and Used Office Furniture in Fort Wayne

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