Power Thru Your Work Day (Without Caffeine)

energy without caffeine
We know Monday’s are hard, but there are better ways to stay awake and alert at work than downing highly caffeinated drinks. Caffeine, within reason, is not harmful — but if you are turning to it too much, you can soon find yourself riding a roller coaster of feeling high energy one minute, then crashing shortly after. Or, even worse, finding that you have become desensitized to caffeine and need increasingly more to just even wake yourself up.

Here are some suggestions for healthier and longer-lasting ways to stay alert through the day:

Start the day right:

  • Open the shades or step outside as soon as possible: natural sunlight tells your internal clock that it is time to wake up
  • Energize yourself: try ending your shower with a minute of gradually cooling water temperature and then a blast of cold water (as cold as you can stand it) at the very end
  • Don’t eat a breakfast that will cause your body to “crash” in a few hours: avoid high-carb, sugary breakfast foods — try lean proteins like turkey sausage, smoked salmon or tofu; vegetables like tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms; and naturally sweetened yogurt

When mid-day sluggishness hits:

  • head outside: no matter the weather, a few minutes of fresh air and the change of scenery will recharge you
  • get your heart rate up: take a brisk walk around the block or trot up and down a couple flights of stairs
  • refuel: have a healthy snack (like nuts, cheese, veggies or fruit) and drink a big cool glass of water
  • change your position: adjust your chair, elevate your feet, or stand and work for awhile (visit Workspace Solutions to check out a wide range of adjustable chairs, desks and standing workstations)

End the day right:

  • don’t eat a heavy meal, or drink alcohol or caffeine, too close to bedtime
  • try to stick to a set bed time every day to reinforce your body’s sleep cycle timing
    BUT, if you can’t fall asleep right away, don’t lie in bed worrying about it — get up and do a light task or some reading and try again when you feel tired
  • don’t turn to technology or the TV right before bed: studies show that this type of stimulation interferes with sleep patterns

There are lots of options to keep yourself energized through the day! But it may be time to assess if your workspace is part of the problem. Workspace Solutions can help you bring more energy to your work environment with our innovative office furniture, lighting, and design plans. Visit our website or stop into our brand new office furniture showroom today!