Things to Consider When Searching for New Office Space

what to look for in a new office

Whether you are looking for office space for your new business or ready to expand your existing business, here are a few things to consider.


You’ve heard it send time and again… “location, location, location.” Depending on your business and clientele, you will need to choose a location that is convenient and within reach of your customers.If your business is service related and have clients or customers coming to your place of business on a regular basis, you should locate near the majority of your clients. You also want to make sure you are easy to find. However, if you typically go to your client’s office, the choices of a location are more of a convenience for you.


Next, make sure there is enough parking for your employees and customers. Convenient customer parking is important as this is the first impression your customer will have of your business. Employee parking is also important. Make sure your employees will have a safe and well-lit place to park.


The amount of space in your new office should accommodate all of your business needs such as offices, a conference area, a break room, and a common area with enough room to grow so you won’t need to find a new location too soon.

Office Furniture

When choosing an office space, think about what furniture and equipment you’ll need for each space. Individual offices should be large enough to allow for a desk, chairs, and any office equipment such as file cabinets or a credenza. The size of the desk will depend on the type of work to be done. For an executive office, a desk with an area to meet with clients is appropriate. For a work area desk, there should be a sufficient amount of surface area to accommodate a wide range of needed office equipment such as a computer, scanner, printer, etc.

A conference area should be designed with a table and chairs for a group of people such a clients or a collaborative work area for the employees. For a productive conference room, equip it with a built in projector, screen, computer, and speakers.

A well designed common area will provide space for shared office equipment and storage. Equipment such as shared printers, scanners, and file cabinets can be installed here. This is also a good space to install shelves or storage cabinets for office supplies such as paper, pens, sticky notes, etc.

The break room should have enough room for a table, a few chairs and some appliances such as a refrigerator, and sink. As an added benefit to your employees, a television is a nice touch and may provide some relaxing entertainment during break time.

When you are ready to furnish your new office space, come see us at Workspace Solutions with offices in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Warsaw, and South Bend. We carry a wide array of office furniture such as desks, chairs, conference tables, and workstations. We can also help you design your new or existing office to help you make the best use of your space.