Office Spring Cleaning to Boost Productivity

spring cleaning your office

When most people think of Spring cleaning they tend to think of their homes. However, offices and workspaces could benefit from a good Spring cleaning as well. A clean, organized desk can help boost productivity and reduce stress. It can also make spending time in the office more enjoyable.

Follow these Spring cleaning and organizing tips to transform your desk or office and get ready to clear your mind and welcome new projects.

Declutter Your Desk

There’s nothing wrong with a little clutter. Albert Einstein even said:

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”.

And, a study conducted by the University of Minnesota proved that people with messy desks tend to be more creative. However, Spring is a great time to go through the items on your desk, sort through your paper,s and pitch what’s no longer essential. Recycle what you can.Then create a filing system to help keep yourself organized.

Organize Your Office

Organize your desk for productivity. Keep everyday essentials like your day planner, laptop, or sticky notes on your desk. Other items, like office supplies, should have a place inside your desk.

Organize your virtual life life as well. Delete old files or back them up to an external drive to free up space on your hard drive. You might consider a tune-up if your computer is running slow.

Clean Your Office

Get out the cleaning supplies. Your desk is a magnet for germs. Give it a good cleaning with some antibacterial wipes. Your computer screen will benefit from a good dusting as well.

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