Spotlight on Brent Stoller

Brent Stoller owner of Workspace SolutionsMeet Brent Stoller, President and Owner of Workspace Solutions, an office design and office furniture store located in Fort Wayne, IN with offices in Indianapolis, South Bend and Warsaw.

Brent has been with the company since his father started it over 29 years ago and took over ownership of Workspace Solutions in 2004. Brent enjoys being a part of the team,  developing customized office layouts and unique designs, and helping clients bring their office plans to life by helping them select the perfect desk, office chair, and configuration.

Brent is a devoted husband and father to 4 kids ages 17-25. When not helping customer design the perfect office, you can find him on the soccer or racquetball court. Want to really get in good with Brent? Bring him a Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino, his guilty pleasure of choice!

Learn more about Brent and meet the rest of the Workspace Solutions team that will help you create the perfect office space from furniture to design!


Office Design: Looking at the Big Picture


Are you planning a new office or not satisfied with your current office design? The key to a successful office design and layout is planning.

Let’s start with the desk. You need a new desk for that new office or maybe you just need to replace the old desk you have been using for years. First, sit back and look at the entire office space before even starting the search for that new desk.

You should first consider workflow and functionality. Consider what other furniture or office equipment will be needed to get the job done efficiently. Planning on where to locate other furniture in advance will make it easier to add that piece when you are ready. Map out traffic patterns in the office space. Make sure there is room for people to move about freely when coming into the office in order to keep them in a positive mood. Whether a client or employee comes in to see you, an aesthetically pleasing space is the first step to a positive encounter.

Plan where the office equipment will go. Pay attention to the needs of that equipment such as phone jacks and outlets. Next, decide what equipment you will want quick and easy access to. For example, if you want your computer, printer, scanner, and telephone within arm’s reach, you will need to plan on a desk that will accommodate all of that equipment while providing the workspace you need. This is the primary reason you will want to wait on deciding what kind of desk to put in the office.

For large office equipment, take care in its placement as not to put noisy equipment very close to your desk as it may interfere with telephone calls or meetings. Ideally, noisy equipment should be placed outside of your personal office space or at the very least, behind a partition to deaden the sound.

Decide on the mood of your office. If your office is to be that of a relaxing oasis or meeting place with important clients, aesthetics and amenities are important. Such amenities would include a couch, comfortable chairs, or maybe even a couple of large easy chairs set up to provide a one on one conversation with a VIP client or discussion with an employee. If the office is to be more of a production workstation, attention should be geared toward the proximity the equipment is to the user. Make sure frequently used items are within arm’s reach.

Designing an office that will work for you and the way you work is not as simple as picking out a desk and sticking it in the middle of a big room. Need help planning your office design and picking what furniture will will best? Contact Workspace Solutions, we are specially trained to ask the right questions to help you choose the precise layout and make the correct choice in furniture to create a productive and pleasing workspace.

The Great Debate: Open Office vs. Closed Office

Open Office vs Closed Office | Workspace Solutions

Open workplaces – where companies eschew cubicles for more collaborative spaces – are becoming more common, however there are still some companies that prefer a more traditional, closed set-up. (Think offices and cubicles.) The following are some pros and cons of each format:

Open workplace design:

  • Some workers value the sense of community and dialogue that an open work environment creates
  • An open workspace reduces feelings of loneliness or feeling closed in
  • Employees feeling more engaged and “in the know” in this type of setting
  • This set-up is often attractive to Millennial workers, so it can be a recruitment tool
  • Employees report uncontrolled interactions, higher levels of stress, and lower levels of concentration and motivation
  • Sickness can spread more quickly in this set-up

Traditional (closed) workplace design:


  • This format is conducive to privacy, as employees feel more secure with walls
  • There tends to be less noise, which can boost productivity
  • This format appeals to older generations who have a lot of experience to offer
  • Employees can feel a false sense of privacy, which can get them into trouble (think hours spent on Facebook)
  • Creative types can feel stifled in this environment
  • Employees can get caught up in status, as those with an office are often viewed as more valued

In short, the ideal work space set-up will depend on the nature of your business and employee preferences. There is no right or wrong set-up. It’s up to you to determine what will work best for your company. Some companies leave it up to the employee to determine their environment based on the nature of the work, space requirements and personal style.

Transitional Office Spaces : A New Trend

Transitional Work Stations | Workspace Solutions in Fort Wayne

Office spaces today are evolving as companies look for ways to encourage collaboration, energize workers, and get a wider range of uses from their office space investment. Transitional office spaces and furnishings are a key component of designing work spaces with this flexibility in mind. Brent Stoller, of Workspace Solutions in Fort Wayne, says, “Many of our clients are looking to get more ‘bang for their buck’ from their office spaces. Sometimes the space needs to work for conferences or training sessions. Other times it needs to allow workers to meet in small groups to collaborate. And, of course, quiet spaces for concentration and focusing is still a necessity.”

What would the ideal transitional office space be like?

  • A space that allows you to switch things up as needed
  • an office layout that encourages communication and collaboration, but also offers employees quiet spaces as needed
  • furnishings that are versatile and hardworking with interchangeable components or other design options that promote flexibility

But keep in mind that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to every organization’s workplace needs. “We offer a number of products, such as the ABCO Smart Table, to help our clients create the transitional space they need.” states Brent Stoller. “Our designers pride themselves on staying on top of all of the latest trends in office environments. They love coming up with creative ideas that exceed our clients expectations!”

If you are interested in making your office space more collaborative but don’t know where to begin, the office furniture and design professionals at WorkSpace Solutions can help. Visit the new Workspace Solutions showroom in Fort Wayne at 2200 Production Road.

Choosing the Perfect Office Chair


What are you looking for in an office chair?

Is your office chair a pain in the neck – literally? You are not alone. With the wide variety of office chairs available, it can be hard to find the right office chair that’s best fits you. As humans, we’re all made differently, with a vast array of body types. Shouldn’t our office furniture reflect that? If your office chair is causing you pain, it’s time to find that perfect office chair that works for you; not the other way around.

What type of Office Chair are you?

In order to find the best office chair that fits your lifestyle, you must first assess what your work habits and lifestyle consist of. You need to take a sort of “What Office Chair am I?” -personality quiz, if you will, by answering these three questions:

1. What am I looking for in a chair?

There are a few main things that you can look for in a quality office chair. Ask yourself, which of these qualities is most important to you?

  • style
  • maximum ergonomics and lumbar support
  • comfort level

2. What are your work habits?

Consider what a typical workday looks like for you. Do you spend the most time:

  • running around the office; from meeting to meeting, etc.
  • sitting in your chair for extremely long periods of time
  • equal parts sitting and standing

3. Which type of fabric do you prefer in an office chair?

  • leather
  • smooth mesh fabric
  • leather or mesh

Once you have answered these three questions, then you can begin deciding what office chair will best fit you. Based on your answers above, here is a quick guide to what kind of chair you should be looking for:

Washington Office Chair by Gunlocke

Washington Office Chair by Gunlocke | Workspace Solutions
If you answered “A” to two or more of these questions, you are probably looking for a chair like the Washington from Gunlocke. This extremely elegant office chair emits feelings of power and comfort.

The oversized leather style and thick, padded seat and armrests offer extreme comfort. The solid wood construction of the cherry base pairs extremely well with subtle hints of brass, culminating in an elegant, traditional style. The Washington office chair also happens to be the Oval Office Choice of eight Presidents. With the Washington, you are certainly in good hands.

Ceres by Hon

Ceres by HonHowever, if you answered “B” to two or more of these questions, there is a strong chance that you are looking for an office chair similar to the Ceres by Hon. You are obviously a hard worker – sitting in your chair for long periods of time, not letting any distractions get in the way of your work. Not only do you deserve a high quality office chair that emphasizes comfort and ergonomics, your working habit demands one!

When designing the Ceres, Hon started out with a great deal of scientific research based on one question – How do people sit? After researching exactly what it is that people need in a highly ergonomic office chair, they began constructing the industry leading office chair, Ceres.

After discovering a lack of lumbar support as the user reclines, Hon used this information to create the amazingly comfortable and supportive ergonomic chair. Their solution was to design a chair that offers lumbar support in any position – a backrest that moves in motion with your body.

Along with maximum lumbar support and ergonomics, its incredibly user friendly, intuitive adjustments allow this chair to easily move any way your body moves.

The Acuity work chair from Allsteel

acuity work chair | workspace solutionsAnd, finally, if you answered “C” to two or more of these questions, the Acuity from Allsteel is certainly for you! You are a flexible and versatile team player. You need an office chair that is just as versatile as you are. The Acuity is the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and style. Allsteel uses Acufit Ergonomics to make sure that this chair is a great experience for whomever sits in it. It’s recline and lumbar support both adjust, depending on your weight.

Allsteel believes that the simpler, the better. In the Acuity, they have removed all of the unnecessary pieces to create a sleek, modern office chair that looks straight out of the 22nd century. This modern design, in collaboration with its ultimate comfort makes this chair an incredibly versatile chair. For added elegance, this chair even comes with an optional upholstered jacket (available in leather) that fits right over your chair back.

Workspace Solutions has the Office Chair you are looking for

Whichever type of “office chair personality” you are, Workspace Solutions in Fort Wayne can help you find exactly the type of chair you are looking for – one that works for you to provide maximum comfort, support, and style. Stop by our office furniture showroom for all of these great office furniture options and many more.

How to Get More Exercise at Work

ways to get exercise at work

How to get more exercise at work and keep your New Year’s resolution.

2015 is here, and for many of us that means a chance to start over. This time of year, New Year Resolution’s are on many people’s minds. It’s time to give up some bad habits and pick up some great new habits. For many, a popular resolution is to get rid of a few extra pounds, eat better, and do a bit more exercising.

Working in an office environment can often make it easy to pick up some bad habits when it comes to your health and fitness. Keep your New Year’s resolution with these tips on how to incorporate some healthy habits into your work day.

1. Start with your Commute

Your morning commute to work can be a great way to add some extra workout into your day. If you live close enough, ride your bike! If you take the bus, get off a few blocks earlier, and walk the rest of the way.

If you drive, parking your car on the far end of the lot can be a great way to squeeze in some extra steps throughout the day.

2. Take the Stairs

Avoid uncomfortable elevator small talk, while getting some cardio! What’s not to love? Simply switching to the stairs can be a great way to add some exercise to your day. After you’ve mastered the stairs, try taking them two at a time!

Rather than taking short coffee breaks throughout the day, take some short breaks to get in some extra exercise. Climb up and down the stairs a couple of times, just for fun.

3. Bring healthy snacks to work

One disadvantage of working in a fast-paced office environment is that sometimes you’re not left with much time for lunch. It can be tempting to go with fast food – it’s quick, it’s cheap, it’s tasty. Rather than eating a fatty, calorie loaded lunch, bring a few small healthy snacks to eat throughout the day, along with your smaller, healthy lunch.

Digesting foods more frequently will help to speed up your metabolism. Rather than simply packing your lunch in the morning, pack enough food for the entire day. Bring an apple for a mid-morning snack, and some carrots for an afternoon snack.

4. Squeeze in some workout time

During any down time you might have, use this as a chance to squeeze in some quick workouts. Waiting for the copier to print off your 50 page report? Don’t just stand around waiting for it – use this time to do some squats. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, and slowly lower your body, bending your legs so your knees make a 90 degree angle and your thighs are parallel to the ground.

You can even squeeze in some workouts while seated in your office chair! Next time you sort through your flood of morning emails, try slowly lifting your legs to an extended position. Hold that position for a few seconds, and then slowly bring your legs back down without letting them touch the ground. Repeat. This is a great, simple ab workout that can be done sitting down at your desk, while actually working!

5. Consider a standing desk

Of all of the things you do at work, sitting is by far the unhealthiest. Research has shown that typically, no amount of working out can undo the negative effects that sitting all day has on your body. Proponents of standing desks have a saying – “Sitting is the new smoking.”

“In order to combat the negative effects of sitting in a chair all day, a popular trend in office furniture is standing desks – desks built taller to force you to lose the chair!” says Brent Stoller of Workspace Solutions Office Furniture Store in Fort Wayne, IN. “Standing at work encourages frequent muscle movement and activity.”

adjustable standing desk

adjustable standing desk by  available at Workspace Solutions in Fort Wayne, Warsaw, South Bend, and Indianapolis

If you don’t want to commit to standing eight hours per day at work, Brent Stoller suggests Quickstand by Humanscale. The Quickstand clamps right to your existing desk and is easily adjustable allowing you the option of sitting or standing while at work.

For more information on whether or not a standing desk is for you, check out Standing vs Sitting Desks.

What’s New In Office Furniture?

A guide to some cool new office furniture options.

It seems like each day, new office furniture is being crafted to better adapt to the ever-changing trends in businesses and offices. With each new product comes a greater degree of functionality and efficiency. It can be hard to keep up to date on all of these new products available. Fortunately, Workspace Solutions in Fort Wayne is here to help you learn about new products that are available in the world of office furniture.

All-Steel’s Mimeo Office Chair

mimeo newNew from All-Steel is the Mimeo Office Chair – a chair designed with the best of both ergonomics and visual impact in mind. The unique design of the chair back helps to offer constant contact with the user for incomparable support and comfort. This chair is incredibly versatile, as it’s open design accommodates for a wide range of postures and uses. Each aspect of this office chair is designed to be incredibly visually appealing, and even customizable. Everything about this chair is customizable; from the color of the chair back and the base, or even armrests!

When it comes to ergonomics, the Mimeo chair allows the most lumbar support and comfort available. The unique design of the chair back allows every inch of your back to be supported at once. It just makes sense.


 Humanscale’s Trea Office Chair

New from Humanscale is the Trea chair. This revolutionary office chair was designed by New York designer Todd Bracher to be a solution to many workspace issues. It’s designed with a mechanism that automatically adjusts to the user’s body for up to 12 degrees of reclining positions, which helps the user to maintain a balanced posture while providing lumbar support. This is no regular office chair. The Trea is perfect for conference areas, cafeterias and home offices.

The smooth yet subtle design of the Trea allows it to harmoniously complement its surroundings, rather than overtake them, offering a sleek, modern look. This new chair from Humanscale not only comes in a wide variety of finishes and color options, but its also available in three different base styles; four-leg, four star, and cantilever.


Hon’s Abound Workstation

The new Abound workstation from Hon is a revolutionary new design that offers the best of both worlds, when it comes to cubicles. The trendy design of its frameless glass tiles offer immediate access to natural light, while also defining your personal space. It contains all of the benefits of cubicles, without any of the negative connotations.

This workstation is incredibly flexible, and its ease of setup makes it surprisingly portable. With installation taking only minutes, your desk will be ready to use in no time at all. The Abound comes with interchangeable, flexible tiles to best fit the needs of any office space. With the interchangeable paneling, the Abound workstation is incredibly customizable. Easily swap out a fabric paneling for a markerboard or frameless glass paneling to best fit your needs.


Workspace Solutions has it All

The best part of these great new office furniture options is that you can get any of them right here in Fort Wayne. At Workspace Solutions, we also offer custom office planning and design. Check out these great new office furniture pieces and many more in our new showroom that is conveniently located next to I-69 and US30 at 2208 Production Road.

How to Stay Active at Work

Don’t Get Trapped At Your Desk

Studies show that those of us who spend the majority of our day sedentary are probably doing serious harm to our long-term health. Most of today’s jobs require a lot of time spent in front of a computer. On top of that, for many of us, most of our free time is spent engaging in sedentary activities as well, such as watching TV and playing video games. Even if you exercise regularly, there are still many hours in the day spent in a sedentary position.

Research shows that the body’s metabolism slows down when major muscles — like your back and legs — aren’t moving frequently and regularly. Findings indicate that people who sit the majority of the day have unhealthy levels of cholesterol, blood sugar, and triglycerides — which can lead to weight gain and an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and other health problems.

Fortunately, finding a solution for this unhealthy behavior is fairly simple. Researchers have found that workers who regularly broke up their sedentary time with movement had a healthier body mass index and lower levels of triglycerides than people who didn’t take breaks during long periods of sitting. If you would like to incorporate some healthy behaviors into your work day, simply taking some breaks to move around and get the whole body moving can make a huge difference.

Here are some suggestions to get out from behind your desk and move, so you can begin incorporating some healthier habits into your workday.

  • Set a timer to remind yourself to at least stand up and stretch every hour or so.
  • Take a quick stretching break every time you cross something off of your to-do list.
  • Take walking meetings — instead of sitting down for one-on-one meetings take a stroll around the block.
  • Stand up when someone enters your office to chat or even if you’re on the phone.
  • Take the stairs instead of your building’s elevator.
  • Invest in an ergonomic office chair that offers lumbar support
  • Park on the far end of the parking lot.
  • If you work from home, use the breaks between tasks or cell phone time to walk up and down your stairs.
  • Perhaps invest in a standing desk to help get you on your feet and moving around

Quality Ergonomic Office Furniture at Workspace Solutions

At Workspace Solutions in Fort Wayne, we have a wide variety of ergonomic office furniture that can help you incorporate some healthy habits into your workday. If your office could use some change for the better, our office planners can help you design an office space that works for you.

How to Throw an Office Holiday Party that People will Remember

Some Tips for throwing a Memorable Office Party

The holiday season can be a stressful time at work. But, the good news is, you may be able to de-stress a bit if there’s a fun office party to look forward to. It’s a great way to show staff how much their hard work is appreciated and to celebrate this year’s achievements. A well-done office party can forge stronger relationships between co-workers and boost morale. And it encourages everyone to take some time to slow down and have fun together. Here are some tips on how to make this year’s office party affordable, enjoyable and successful!

Planning a Successful Office Holiday Party

  • If possible, designate a committee to be in charge of planning the event so the extra work doesn’t fall to just one person (and so a variety of ideas can be explored).
  • Rather than just sending a boring memo, send a funny e-vite to set the mood for celebrating.

A Good Space

  • Renting a space is a nice way for everyone to get away from the office, but choose a location that is convenient — make it as easy as possible for everyone to get to the party.
  • Using space in your office is a good way to save money, but be sure to decorate your office to set a festive tone for the party. Try to clear the paperwork off of your desk; make it a place where everyone can forget about work for awhile.

Food And Drinks

  • Whether catered or pot-lock, make sure there is plenty to go around — and a good variety to meet special dietary restrictions (consider adding a line at the bottom of the party invite where staff can note any dietary preferences).
  • Other fun food options that may save some money include hiring a food truck or two to park outside the party venue; or planning the party to be a lunch or breakfast event.
  • If the event will have alcohol available, you don’t need to offer too many options — party planners suggest one signature cocktail, a red and a white wine, a beer option or two, plus sodas and water.


  • Keep the decorations festive, but nondenominational so that everyone feels included.
  • Options for music include hiring a DJ, putting together a party playlist, or hiring local talent.

Office Party Activities

  • If you want to include an activity or two, ask your colleagues beforehand and see what they would like to do — gift exchange, party games, or just hang out and have fun.
  • Plan activities that are inclusive and not embarrassing to anyone. Let people opt out, if they so choose. Award prizes to the winners to enhance competition.

DOs and DON’Ts (for attendees)

  • DO thank the boss for hosting the party (and also whoever did the planning).
  • DO branch out and talk with coworkers that you don’t know so well.
  • DON’T overimbibe.
  • DO remember, this is a work function and you will have to show your face at the office the next day. Make sure you act in an appropriate, professional manner.

The Holidays are a great time to show your workers some appreciation; so above all, have fun! From all of us at Workspace Solutions in Fort Wayne, we would like to wish you a very happy holiday.

How to Decorate your Office For The Holidays

Tips for Cheering up your Office Space

It’s a festive time of year! If you have visited downtown at all, you might have noticed that Fort Wayne is all lit up in the Holiday spirit! Lights, decorations and holiday music everywhere. Why not use a bit of creativity and make your workspace holly jolly for the holidays, too?

It can be a bit challenging to strike the proper balance when decorating your office space for the holidays: too much sparkle can look unprofessional, too little can make the offices look Scrooge-like at this time of year when everyone expects a bit of seasonal cheer. Here are some simple, fun ideas to bring some holiday cheer to your office.

Decorating your Desk:

  • Hang a string of lights, a wreath or some garland
  • Use holiday-themed mugs
  • Choose a snowy or holiday scene picture for your computer background or screensaver
  • Trade out your paperweight for a decorative snow globe
  • Keep a bowl of holiday candies on your desk
  • Put a small holiday rug in your space
  • Wrap a cubicle wall or your door with shiny wrapping paper
  • Display holiday cards

Decorating your Office Space:

  • If there’s room, place a decorated tree in the lobby
  • Place mini potted pine trees or poinsettias in common areas
  • Decorate with white flowers, pine boughs and holly sprigs for a celebratory feel
  • decorate office furniture with festive ribbons and bows; perhaps stick a bow on the back of your office chair.
  • Fill the office with edible decor; but give your employees and visitors a break from all the candy — use bowls of seasonal fruits as decorative centerpieces in conference rooms or waiting areas
  • hang a string of icicle lights around your workstation

It’s a festive time, but also a time to think of others. Organize an office-wide canned food drive or toy/clothing drive for needy children. Set up a Christmas tree or decorate donation boxes to display the items and inspire co-workers to bring in contributions.

Enjoy this special time of the year — whether at work, at home or at play. From all of us at Workspace Solutions, we would like to wish you a festive and fun holiday season!