Office Design: Looking at the Big Picture


Are you planning a new office or not satisfied with your current office design? The key to a successful office design and layout is planning.

Let’s start with the desk. You need a new desk for that new office or maybe you just need to replace the old desk you have been using for years. First, sit back and look at the entire office space before even starting the search for that new desk.

You should first consider workflow and functionality. Consider what other furniture or office equipment will be needed to get the job done efficiently. Planning on where to locate other furniture in advance will make it easier to add that piece when you are ready. Map out traffic patterns in the office space. Make sure there is room for people to move about freely when coming into the office in order to keep them in a positive mood. Whether a client or employee comes in to see you, an aesthetically pleasing space is the first step to a positive encounter.

Plan where the office equipment will go. Pay attention to the needs of that equipment such as phone jacks and outlets. Next, decide what equipment you will want quick and easy access to. For example, if you want your computer, printer, scanner, and telephone within arm’s reach, you will need to plan on a desk that will accommodate all of that equipment while providing the workspace you need. This is the primary reason you will want to wait on deciding what kind of desk to put in the office.

For large office equipment, take care in its placement as not to put noisy equipment very close to your desk as it may interfere with telephone calls or meetings. Ideally, noisy equipment should be placed outside of your personal office space or at the very least, behind a partition to deaden the sound.

Decide on the mood of your office. If your office is to be that of a relaxing oasis or meeting place with important clients, aesthetics and amenities are important. Such amenities would include a couch, comfortable chairs, or maybe even a couple of large easy chairs set up to provide a one on one conversation with a VIP client or discussion with an employee. If the office is to be more of a production workstation, attention should be geared toward the proximity the equipment is to the user. Make sure frequently used items are within arm’s reach.

Designing an office that will work for you and the way you work is not as simple as picking out a desk and sticking it in the middle of a big room. Need help planning your office design and picking what furniture will will best? Contact Workspace Solutions, we are specially trained to ask the right questions to help you choose the precise layout and make the correct choice in furniture to create a productive and pleasing workspace.

Extreme Offices

The Bill and Melinda Gatets Foundation built a half billion dollar office facility in Seattle where they hope to solve some of the world’s toughest problems.  The first problem they tackled was how to better utilize office space to use less of it per employee, while increasing collaboration.  The way they accomplished this is strongly influencing new furniture design and office layouts.


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Technology Infused Office Furniture

(First of a four part series on Office Furniture Trends for 2012)

As the office world becomes more mobile and tech savvy, we are seeing the introduction of new and exciting office furniture designs that accommodate workers on the go.

Desks and tables that are wired and have cut outs for computer hardware are becoming popular just for this reason.  Some even have recharging stations for phones or laptops built in.

The electronic whiteboard is gaining popularity in the work area because a laptop screen can be projected onto the board for everyone to see, and an electronic “pen” can be used to move items around.

What tech features are you looking for in your next office design?

Here at Workspace Solutions we can help you modernize and choose work spaces and desks that with infuse your office with technology and laptop accessibility.