Choosing the Perfect Office Chair


What are you looking for in an office chair?

Is your office chair a pain in the neck – literally? You are not alone. With the wide variety of office chairs available, it can be hard to find the right office chair that’s best fits you. As humans, we’re all made differently, with a vast array of body types. Shouldn’t our office furniture reflect that? If your office chair is causing you pain, it’s time to find that perfect office chair that works for you; not the other way around.

What type of Office Chair are you?

In order to find the best office chair that fits your lifestyle, you must first assess what your work habits and lifestyle consist of. You need to take a sort of “What Office Chair am I?” -personality quiz, if you will, by answering these three questions:

1. What am I looking for in a chair?

There are a few main things that you can look for in a quality office chair. Ask yourself, which of these qualities is most important to you?

  • style
  • maximum ergonomics and lumbar support
  • comfort level

2. What are your work habits?

Consider what a typical workday looks like for you. Do you spend the most time:

  • running around the office; from meeting to meeting, etc.
  • sitting in your chair for extremely long periods of time
  • equal parts sitting and standing

3. Which type of fabric do you prefer in an office chair?

  • leather
  • smooth mesh fabric
  • leather or mesh

Once you have answered these three questions, then you can begin deciding what office chair will best fit you. Based on your answers above, here is a quick guide to what kind of chair you should be looking for:

Washington Office Chair by Gunlocke

Washington Office Chair by Gunlocke | Workspace Solutions
If you answered “A” to two or more of these questions, you are probably looking for a chair like the Washington from Gunlocke. This extremely elegant office chair emits feelings of power and comfort.

The oversized leather style and thick, padded seat and armrests offer extreme comfort. The solid wood construction of the cherry base pairs extremely well with subtle hints of brass, culminating in an elegant, traditional style. The Washington office chair also happens to be the Oval Office Choice of eight Presidents. With the Washington, you are certainly in good hands.

Ceres by Hon

Ceres by HonHowever, if you answered “B” to two or more of these questions, there is a strong chance that you are looking for an office chair similar to the Ceres by Hon. You are obviously a hard worker – sitting in your chair for long periods of time, not letting any distractions get in the way of your work. Not only do you deserve a high quality office chair that emphasizes comfort and ergonomics, your working habit demands one!

When designing the Ceres, Hon started out with a great deal of scientific research based on one question – How do people sit? After researching exactly what it is that people need in a highly ergonomic office chair, they began constructing the industry leading office chair, Ceres.

After discovering a lack of lumbar support as the user reclines, Hon used this information to create the amazingly comfortable and supportive ergonomic chair. Their solution was to design a chair that offers lumbar support in any position – a backrest that moves in motion with your body.

Along with maximum lumbar support and ergonomics, its incredibly user friendly, intuitive adjustments allow this chair to easily move any way your body moves.

The Acuity work chair from Allsteel

acuity work chair | workspace solutionsAnd, finally, if you answered “C” to two or more of these questions, the Acuity from Allsteel is certainly for you! You are a flexible and versatile team player. You need an office chair that is just as versatile as you are. The Acuity is the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and style. Allsteel uses Acufit Ergonomics to make sure that this chair is a great experience for whomever sits in it. It’s recline and lumbar support both adjust, depending on your weight.

Allsteel believes that the simpler, the better. In the Acuity, they have removed all of the unnecessary pieces to create a sleek, modern office chair that looks straight out of the 22nd century. This modern design, in collaboration with its ultimate comfort makes this chair an incredibly versatile chair. For added elegance, this chair even comes with an optional upholstered jacket (available in leather) that fits right over your chair back.

Workspace Solutions has the Office Chair you are looking for

Whichever type of “office chair personality” you are, Workspace Solutions in Fort Wayne can help you find exactly the type of chair you are looking for – one that works for you to provide maximum comfort, support, and style. Stop by our office furniture showroom for all of these great office furniture options and many more.