What’s New In Office Furniture?

A guide to some cool new office furniture options.

It seems like each day, new office furniture is being crafted to better adapt to the ever-changing trends in businesses and offices. With each new product comes a greater degree of functionality and efficiency. It can be hard to keep up to date on all of these new products available. Fortunately, Workspace Solutions in Fort Wayne is here to help you learn about new products that are available in the world of office furniture.

All-Steel’s Mimeo Office Chair

mimeo newNew from All-Steel is the Mimeo Office Chair – a chair designed with the best of both ergonomics and visual impact in mind. The unique design of the chair back helps to offer constant contact with the user for incomparable support and comfort. This chair is incredibly versatile, as it’s open design accommodates for a wide range of postures and uses. Each aspect of this office chair is designed to be incredibly visually appealing, and even customizable. Everything about this chair is customizable; from the color of the chair back and the base, or even armrests!

When it comes to ergonomics, the Mimeo chair allows the most lumbar support and comfort available. The unique design of the chair back allows every inch of your back to be supported at once. It just makes sense.


 Humanscale’s Trea Office Chair

New from Humanscale is the Trea chair. This revolutionary office chair was designed by New York designer Todd Bracher to be a solution to many workspace issues. It’s designed with a mechanism that automatically adjusts to the user’s body for up to 12 degrees of reclining positions, which helps the user to maintain a balanced posture while providing lumbar support. This is no regular office chair. The Trea is perfect for conference areas, cafeterias and home offices.

The smooth yet subtle design of the Trea allows it to harmoniously complement its surroundings, rather than overtake them, offering a sleek, modern look. This new chair from Humanscale not only comes in a wide variety of finishes and color options, but its also available in three different base styles; four-leg, four star, and cantilever.


Hon’s Abound Workstation

The new Abound workstation from Hon is a revolutionary new design that offers the best of both worlds, when it comes to cubicles. The trendy design of its frameless glass tiles offer immediate access to natural light, while also defining your personal space. It contains all of the benefits of cubicles, without any of the negative connotations.

This workstation is incredibly flexible, and its ease of setup makes it surprisingly portable. With installation taking only minutes, your desk will be ready to use in no time at all. The Abound comes with interchangeable, flexible tiles to best fit the needs of any office space. With the interchangeable paneling, the Abound workstation is incredibly customizable. Easily swap out a fabric paneling for a markerboard or frameless glass paneling to best fit your needs.


Workspace Solutions has it All

The best part of these great new office furniture options is that you can get any of them right here in Fort Wayne. At Workspace Solutions, we also offer custom office planning and design. Check out these great new office furniture pieces and many more in our new showroom that is conveniently located next to I-69 and US30 at 2208 Production Road.