Desk Yoga: Quick and Easy Poses to Relieve Office Stress

If you are looking for the best exercise for your body and mind, it’s yoga. Practicing yoga has been shown to reduce stress, alleviate aches and pains, improve sleep, aid in weight loss, and help with mental health.

You may think you must attend a yoga class to harness these benefits. But have you heard of desk yoga? The following yoga poses are ideal for getting some physical activity while seated at your office desk.

Seated Cat-Cow (Chakravakasana)

Cat-cow pose is a classic in restorative yoga. It is known to help with balance and posture. If you experience lower back pain, this office yoga pose may help.

To get started, scoot to the edge of your chair and place your feet at a hip’s width apart. Place your palms on your thighs or brace them against the edge of your work desk and sit up straight.

Next, inhale and arch your back for cow pose, engaging your core to support your back. Then, exhale and draw your stomach in and up, tilt your head down, and rest your chin against your chest for cat pose.

Seated Crescent Moon (Anjaneyasana)

Crescent moon pose helps to improve the body and mind, helping with strength, balance, and concentration. It also stretches the sides of the body, which rarely receive the attention they deserve.

Begin this simple stretch by sitting up straight in your chair. Raise your arms overhead and join your hands. Then, stretch to one side, return to center, and stretch to the opposite side, coordinating your movements with your breath.

Seated Forward Fold (Paschimottanasana)

A forward fold is an excellent stretch for your legs and back muscles, making it a perfect end-of-workday pose. This pose is usually done while seated on the floor or a yoga mat, but you can modify it for a chair.

Start sitting up straight and scoot to the edge of your desk chair. Place your feet a hip’s width apart. Then, slowly bend forward from the hips, bringing your hands toward the floor and letting your head hang freely.

If you can’t reach your hands all the way to the floor, no worries. Keep practicing this pose, and your flexibility will improve.

Seated Spinal Twist (Matsyendrasana)

Spinal twist is another go-to stretch for relieving end-of-workday tension. It can help undo the harms of poor posture by re-aligning the spine, relaxing the back, shoulder, and neck muscles, and stretching the chest.

To begin, move to the edge of your chair and sit up straight. Reach your right arm toward the back of the chair until you feel a gentle stretch. Switch to the other side and repeat this exercise until it’s time to go home!

Get the Right Office Furniture for Desk Yoga

These four desk yoga poses can benefit your mind and body. They can help you feel more relaxed and focused throughout the workday. And you don’t even have to get up from your chair to try them out.

Are you searching for workplace furniture designed to boost employee health and productivity? Workspace Solutions is your one-stop shop for ergonomic furniture and office space design.

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The Office Olympics: Unconventional Office Sports Inspired by the Olympics

Most office environments are rather innocuous. People show up, get their work done, and perhaps make small talk with their co-workers.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, teams work better when they bond. Office sports are one of the best team-building activities.

They go a long way toward fostering strong relationships and avoiding team isolation, which can reduce productivity by approximately 21%. Many entrepreneurs don’t know what team sports for the office to focus on, though.

We’ve created a brief list of some of the most notable. Let’s explore the key information you should know about holding office Olympics.

Rubber Band Archery

This one requires a bit of skill, but it’s one of the more enjoyable options on this list. Rubber band archery requires participants to stretch a rubber band with their fingers and launch it at a target.

Whoever hits the target most accurately will win. If nobody strikes the target correctly, then the winner is whoever shot the rubber band the furthest.

Balloon Race

Employees will place inflated rubber balloons between their legs and aim to get from one point to the other. The main challenge is to avoid popping the balloon during the journey.

This sounds easy at first, but it’s difficult in practice. It’s not uncommon for all participants to pop their balloons, at which point the person who made it the furthest will win.

Office Soccer

This office Olympic sport can use any type of ball, but it’s recommended to avoid using an actual soccer ball. Competitive office soccer games can leave the office a mess.

Instead, use a ball made of foam or crumpled paper. If you’re feeling creative, you can even make an origami ball.

Set up two goalposts and divide workers into teams. The first team to reach a certain number of points will be victorious.

If there isn’t an abundance of office space, you could pit two people against each other from separate teams and see who scores first. You could then repeat this process with the rest of the roster.

Paper Plate Frisbee

As you might assume, this involves throwing a paper plate like a frisbee to see who can throw it the furthest. This is renowned for being one of the most accessible and low-intensity games.

It’s not always suitable for small offices, though. There might not be enough room for the paper plates to descend without hitting something.

Ping Pong Tournament

Out of all office Olympics ideas, this is the most cohesive. It also has the potential to be the most competitive, as many people have experience playing ping pong.

You can run a singles tournament or allow people to play in pairs. If you have the equipment, this can be one of the best ways to build employee morale.

Don’t Overlook Office Olympics

When handled appropriately, office Olympics games can serve as amazing team-building exercises. The tips in this guide will ensure that you get started on the right track and make the most of this opportunity.

Workspace Solutions strives to help businesses create the ideal office space for their employees. We prioritize making the workplace as comfortable and functional as possible. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help.

Office Movie Night: The Best Films for Team Bonding

Lights, camera, team bonding! In the fast-paced world of corporate life, finding moments to connect and build relationships with your colleagues can be a real challenge.

But what if I told you that the solution to fostering better camaraderie and teamwork lies not in board meetings or conference calls, but in the cozy confines of your office, with a bag of popcorn in one hand and a remote control in the other?

Movie nights are an amazing way to get your team feeling closer than ever. But what films should you choose?

Let’s go through the best options when you’re planning a movie night for team bonding.

Office Space

1999’s Office Space should be high up on your list of workplace movies. The film brilliantly captures the frustration and monotony of office life.

Many employees can relate to the absurdities and irritations depicted in the movie, making it a shared experience that can be discussed and laughed about together.

After watching Office Space in the employee lounge, it’s natural for team members to discuss their own workplace experiences, share anecdotes, and potentially suggest improvements or ways to cope with office challenges.

This open dialogue can be beneficial for team communication and collaboration.

9 to 5

Another incredible option for team-building movies is 9 to 5 (1980), starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton.

The film centers around three female coworkers who are frustrated with their overbearing and sexist boss. Many employees can relate to workplace frustrations, making “9 to 5” a relatable and shared experience. Giving your employees a space to vent will help create a more positive workplace culture.

It’s also one of the funniest movies of all time. Shared laughter is a fantastic way to bond with colleagues and create a positive, enjoyable atmosphere.

Since it’s an older movie, there’s also a nostalgia factor. For those who have seen the movie before, it can evoke feelings of nostalgia. For those watching it for the first time, it’s a chance to appreciate a classic piece of workplace-related culture.

The Intern

The Intern, released in 2015, explores the relationship between a young, ambitious entrepreneur and a senior intern.

It can spark discussions about the benefits of inter-generational collaboration, mentorship, and learning from one another. That can help boost your overall team morale.

The characters played by Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway serve as positive role models, showing qualities of dedication, adaptability, and perseverance that can be admired and emulated in the workplace.

The Devil Wears Prada

Another Anne Hathaway film your employees might enjoy is The Devil Wears Prada, also starring Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt.

The film offers a glimpse into the high-pressure world of fashion and the demands of working in a high-profile office, which can spark discussions about office culture and the challenges employees face in different industries.

Start Planning Your Movie Night Today

There are a lot of amazing options when you’re planning movie nights for office bonding. You can always make it a series of events!

Are you looking for more ways to make your workplace the best it can be? Workplace Solutions can help. We can create the perfect space for your team in no time at all, from the layout to the furniture and so much more.

Contact us today to get started.

Three Ways an Employee Lounge Increases Productivity

Take a look at your current employee lounge. Does it reflect your company values and how you feel about your workers? If not, it could be hurting morale. 

The work break room can be so much more than a place to grab coffee. It’s an area where employees go to recharge their creative batteries and communicate with other team members. Plus, it can improve productivity. 

Here’s what you need to know, so you can make the most of the space you have. 

1. It’s the Perfect Place for Breaks

The daily grind can be stressful and have a negative impact on your employees. Workplace burnout is a real concern in all industries, and when people feel burned out, they aren’t productive. 

Most people consider their desk as a place they need to buckle down and focus. That’s great, but there are also advantages to taking the occasional break. 

Your employees should see the work break room as an area to pause and recharge their batteries. They can sit down for a few minutes and drink a coffee, or briefly chat with a coworker. 

Taking a break also increases focus when your employee returns to their desk. 

2. It Can Encourage Creativity

When your workers get stuck on a project or feel like they can’t think, it can benefit them to step away for a bit. Often, taking a step away from the desk and moving to a more relaxing environment will help to reduce stress. 

One of the benefits of an employee lounge, when done right, is that it fosters creativity. Bright colors can boost energy while blues and greens mimic nature and create a relaxing atmosphere. 

Add some comfy chairs or couches and give your employees a chance to change their work environment for a bit. Sometimes that’s all they need to break through a creative slump. 

3. It Can Incentivize Workers

Your work lounge should be more than a coffee maker and some cafeteria chairs. 

A fridge offers a place for your team to store food while a microwave lets them heat up their meals. A coffee maker with all the extras like creamers and sugar packets keeps everyone energized. A vending machine gives your employees a chance to grab a snack. 

Consider putting some books in the area and creating a small library where employees can look something up or learn. 

Bring the outside in with some plants and turn a boring space into a more relaxing one. Lose the white walls and add some color or texture. 

When you create a welcoming space, your employees will look forward to using the break room, and it can make them happier. A happy employee is naturally more productive. 

Improve Your Employee Lounge

There are many reasons why creating an inviting and relaxing employee lounge helps your team become more productive. They can focus better after taking a break, and they’ll actually want to use the room if you make it comfortable. 

Workspace Solutions can help you create a welcoming work lounge that your employees will love. Take a look at some of our work and reach out to us if you have any questions. 

How Standing Desks Can Improve Your Productivity and Health

For every six hours you spend standing, you’ll burn around 54 additional calories than if you were sitting instead. While this may not seem like a lot, it can add up over the course of a week, month, or year. If you spend a lot of time working at a desk, you may find that sitting becomes tough on your body. Not only will you burn fewer calories when sitting, but it may also increase your risk for various diseases and health problems as well.

Below we’ll tell you how using a standing desk can help improve your productivity and health.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Consistently using a standing desk may help to reduce your risk of obesity and weight gain. Many people spend a long time at their desks each day and use little energy as a result.

By standing up more often rather than sitting down, you’ll be burning calories at work. Assuming your diet is on point as well, you’ll see and feel the difference in your body.

Reduce Back Pain

Back pain is common among workers who spend time sitting throughout the day. However, workers who use standing desks instead have noticed improvements in their long-term back pain.

One study found that using these types of desks helped reduce upper back and neck pain by 54%. This occurred after only 4 weeks of use.

Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

It’s also worth noting that a standing desk may help reduce blood sugar levels. It may also help reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

One study showed that sitting after meals may be dangerous. Extended sedentary time after meals is linked to a 112% higher risk of type 2 diabetes.

Prevent Disease

Extended time sitting down may also lead to a greater risk of cardiovascular problems. Sitting is harder on the body. However, standing has been linked to lowering the risk of heart disease.

In addition to this, using a standing desk also seems to help reduce the risk of developing certain forms of cancer. Breast cancer and colon cancer, in particular, seem to be linked to a lack of physical activity.

Increase Energy and Productivity

Standing up more throughout the workday may also help to improve your mood and increase your level of energy. Using a standing routine at work can help you to feel more active and energized.

Standing up may also increase your mood and help you feel better throughout the day. This may help you become more productive when working as well.

Extend Your Lifespan

As if the above benefits weren’t enough, standing up while working may also help to extend your lifespan. A review of 18 studies found that people who sit the most often are at a 49% larger risk of early death than those who don’t spend much time sitting.

There’s no guarantee that standing more will extend your lifespan. However, the link seems to be strong.

Making the Switch to a Standing Desk

If you want to improve your health and get more done, consider buying a standing desk. Using a standing desk may reduce back pain, allow you to maintain a healthy weight, extend your lifespan, and help you stay productive.

Ready to get a standing desk? Contact Workspace Solutions to find out more about how we can help meet your needs.

4 Tips for Choosing Executive Office Furniture

Ah, a fresh office space is like a blank canvas. It’s so full of potential. How will you furnish and decorate it?

There is so much executive office furniture on the market now that choosing the right pieces can be overwhelming. Where do you even start? What should you be looking for?

We want to help you start narrowing down your options so you can create an office space that you love. Read on for our top tips for choosing executive office furniture.

1. Consider Ergonomics

Ergonomics should be one of your top priorities when choosing executive office furniture. You want to stay safe, comfortable, and productive while you’re at work. An ergonomic workstation will help you do that.

Invest in a comfortable and supportive executive chair that promotes good posture and helps you avoid back and neck pain. Look for features like adjustable seat height, lumbar support, and armrests.

Your desk should also be at a good height to ensure that your computer is at eye level. This will reduce strain on your neck and shoulders.

There are so many ergonomic workplace solutions now. Don’t settle for less with your work or home office furniture. 

2. Invest in Quality

Executive office furniture should be built to last. It should be a long-term investment. You’ll be using it often, so don’t choose affordability over quality.

Opt for high-quality materials like solid wood or metal. Plastic is okay, but be wary of thin or cheap plastics.

Check for reputable brands that are known for their quality and durability. Well-constructed furniture will withstand daily use and maintain its appearance over time.

3. Keep It Functional

You need your office furniture to be functional, regardless of whether it’s in a professional office or a home office. 

Assess your personal storage needs and choose furniture that offers more than enough space to keep your workspace organized. Storage can be a challenge in a small office, so do your best to maximize your space.

Executive desks with built-in drawers or filing cabinets can help you stay clutter-free. Consider additional storage options like bookshelves or standalone file cabinets if necessary.

4. Don’t Forget Aesthetic Preferences

Your office furniture should align with your personal style and the overall decor of your workspace. Functionality, storage, and ergonomics are all important, but you also want to like the look of where you work. After all, you spend a lot of time there.

Executive furniture comes in various styles, from traditional to modern and minimalist. Choose furniture that complements the aesthetic you want to create in your office, whether it’s a classic and professional look or a more contemporary design.

What Executive Office Furniture Will You Choose?

You deserve an office space you love to spend time in. Choosing the right executive office furniture can help with that. These tips can help you find the perfect office furniture for your space!

At Workspace Solutions, we don’t just sell office furniture. We help our customers create fantastic workspaces. Check out our selection of fantastic office furniture today.

Building a Positive Workplace Culture: 5 Strategies for Success

Are you struggling with employee dissatisfaction and a high turnover rate? The problem is likely to grow worse until you address your workplace culture. But how do you create a positive atmosphere at the office? In this article, we’ll share five strategies to transform your workplace into a more engaging and satisfying place for your team.

1. Align Everything With Your Purpose

Communicate a clearly defined purpose for your business, outlining the company’s mission, strategy, and values. Your purpose should be lofty. It should lift employees out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. It should give them a reason to want to get out of bed in the morning and show up at their desk.

Once you have your purpose, commit to surrounding yourself only with people who buy into that purpose. So, when hiring, choose only those candidates captivated by your company’s purpose. Hire only employees who can see themselves working enthusiastically in line with that purpose.

Occasionally, an employee will become dissatisfied and less interested. Address the situation immediately. Perhaps it’s a health issue, personal matter, or professional challenge. Whatever the case, make sure the person receives the assistance they need. If you leave the matter unattended, their lack of enthusiasm can infect co-workers.

2. Get Personable With Your Staff

Get to know your employees. And let them get to know you. One-on-one meetings can be excellent if you’re well-prepared. You must also be a superb listener, allowing the other person to share in the conversation.

Develop a mentor-mentee atmosphere. You and your managers should be generous with your knowledge.

Appoint only managers who want to see employees succeed. Avoid elevating managers who compete with employees and are afraid that talented workers could take their positions.

3. Promote Positivity

One of the frequent complaints of a toxic work culture is degrading speech and conduct. Establish zero-tolerance policies for such behavior as sexual harassment and hate speech. Instead, create a positive workplace environment.

What’s the reaction of your employees when you call them to your office? If it’s primarily fear and anxiety, you likely need to develop a more encouraging tone for your office culture.

Employees shouldn’t see you primarily as a disciplinarian. They shouldn’t immediately think they’re in trouble if you want to speak to them.

You want to have a workplace where people feel free to fail. They know their efforts will be met with applause and their mistakes with gentle correction.

4. Allow Space for Creativity

How much room do you give project teams? Do you oversee every small decision they make? If you want teams to create something original, give them a license to experiment without you looking over their shoulder.

The situation is similar to parents who insist on intruding on every aspect of their children’s lives. But children are likely to be far more creative if allowed some free time alone in the backyard making up their own games with their own rules. The same goes for your team.

5. Set an Example With Honest Communication

Always be honest with your staff. If the business has hit a rough patch, let your employees know. They will respect you more for your honesty.

On the other hand, remaining quiet or being deceitful could negatively impact employee happiness. Rumors that are worse than reality will circulate quickly.

Then company productivity could drop. And employees could begin spending less time on their work assignments and more time looking for new jobs.

Create a Comfortable Workplace Culture

Don’t forget comfort when you’re improving your workplace culture. Happy employees need comfortable office chairs, desks, and equipment that will help keep that smile on their faces.

Workspace Solutions can help address your needs and make suggestions for building a physical workplace where your staff can work in comfort. Get your workplace improvement plan underway now by contacting us today.

The Benefits of Standing Desks in the Workplace

Can you believe that over 8% of adults suffer from severe chronic back pain?

In today’s inactive work culture, one innovative solution is the standing desk. If you need office furniture that will enhance your well-being and productivity, look no further than a standing desk.

Continue reading to learn about the benefits of standing desks in the workplace and why they’re worth the investment.

Health Benefits

Extended sitting sessions can lead to a variety of health problems. Some of these issues include obesity, heart disease, and even diabetes.

Individuals can break free from these harmful effects by opting for a standing desk. Standing engages the muscles, increases blood flow, and promotes better posture. These benefits reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders such as back and neck strain.

Standing desks can also help push back against the negative effects of an inactive lifestyle. Standing burns more calories. This works well for weight management and metabolic health.

Boosted Productivity

Are you still wondering why you should buy a standing desk?

Beyond the physical advantages, standing desks also contribute to enhanced workplace productivity. Having the option of standing or sitting can give employees increased energy levels. It can also help improve concentration.

Standing stimulates blood circulation and oxygen flow to the brain. This can boost cognitive function and enhance focus.

The ability to alternate between these two modes promotes movement. It can also prevent the feeling of sluggishness that accompanies long periods of sitting.

The Best Standing Desk Makes Employees Happier

Standing desks can have a positive impact on employee happiness and satisfaction. Traditional office setups confine employees to their chairs. This often leads to feelings of monotony and discomfort.

By introducing standing desks, employers can prove their commitment to the workforce’s well-being. This will go a long way toward boosting employee morale. 

Standing desks provide individuals with the freedom to customize their work environment. This sense of autonomy and empowerment is priceless. Over time, you’ll notice a more positive and engaging work atmosphere.

Standing Desks Save Money

The benefits of standing desks are more than physical and psychological. Standing desks can also have long-term financial advantages. This is true for both employers and employees.

By investing in standing desks and other ergonomic office furniture, companies might reduce healthcare costs. This is especially true of costs associated with sedentary-related illnesses.

Healthier employees don’t go on sick leave as often. They also don’t experience as many chronic health issues. Over time, this can result in lower healthcare expenses and increased productivity.

Employees could possibly have lower insurance premiums, too.

Ready to Enjoy the Benefits of Standing Desks?

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of standing desks, you can incorporate them into your workplace. Your employees will appreciate your commitment to their comfort and well-being.

At Workspace Solutions, we provide everything you need to elevate your space. From standing desks to conference room furniture and more, you’ll love our solutions.

Contact us now if you need expert advice regarding layouts or anything else.

6 Must-Have Office Furniture Pieces for Small Businesses on a Budget

Did you know that more than 88 million people work in offices in the United States? With so many people populating offices, it’s easy to see why they need the best furnishing possible. But how can you find the best office furniture pieces while you design your workspaces?

If you’re building an office furniture budget, we’re happy to help. Read on for your top six priorities while searching for new and used office furniture.

1. Work Desks

The first thing your employees will need is their work desks. These desks are where many employees will spend the bulk of their time. It’s crucial that they be high-quality and easy to work on.

We suggest looking for something spacious and sturdy. Don’t get something that will wobble if your workers put their elbows on the desk.

Used desks are also a great option. Make sure that you restore any desks that are noticeably worn down or damaged. Worn desks can make your employees feel like you skimped on their comfort.

2. Communal Cabinets

Communal cabinets are vital in shared areas like kitchens and break rooms. They’re a great place for your employees to store goods that they don’t want to bring to and from the office every day.

Consider cabinets or pantries in the kitchen for non-perishable items. A few cabinets in the break room can let your employees store books or other leisure items for their breaks.

3. Storage Cabinets

What about personal storage? There are still plenty of options!

You should look for desks that have personal storage drawers. These will help your employees keep their desks clear and clean.

Other standalone items like filing cabinets are effective. You can also allow employees to bring their own.

4. Cafeteria Furniture

What about when your employees break to eat? While some prefer to eat at their desk, this can be bad for productivity. A designated eating area is often better.

Look for comfortable cafeteria furniture for your employees to enjoy their meal breaks. These can help them stay recharged and focused.

5. Ergonomic Chairs

For every moment they’re at their desks, your employees are likely sitting. Ergonomic chairs and desks can help them stay healthy, productive, and comfortable.

Don’t buy the cheapest, most worn chairs you can find. Look into ergonomic and comfortable chairs that will benefit their posture and health.

6. Collaborative Desks

Finally, you should ensure you have spaces for your teams to work together. Large desks are great used office furniture that can help your employees collaborate.

Make sure you’re furnishing your meeting rooms with more than just whiteboards. Plentiful chairs, large desks, and everything your employees need to work together will boost productivity.

Finding the Perfect Office Furniture Pieces

Finding the best office furniture pieces for your employees may feel overwhelming, but making a list will help. Furnish your areas room by room with the appropriate types of furniture. If you’re struggling with your office furniture budget, used office furniture is an excellent choice.

Not sure where to shop?

Shop our range of office furniture online, or stop by our office furniture store to browse used pieces.

Elevate Your Workspace with Connolly Lounge Seating by National

Connolly Lounge Seating Fort Wayne

In today’s dynamic work environment, having versatile and stylish furniture solutions is paramount. At Workspace Solutions, we are thrilled to introduce the Connolly Seating Collection by National. This innovative collection is designed to help you maximize your workspace, address different styles, and create a variety of configurations while prioritizing comfort. Let’s dive into the features that make Connolly seating an exceptional choice for any office setting.

Maximize Space, Unleash Creativity

Connolly’s extensive range of lounge seating and inline tables offers endless possibilities for configuring your workspace. Whether you have a small office or a larger area to work with, Connolly’s freestanding and modular units enable you to optimize your space efficiently. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to a dynamic environment that encourages collaboration and productivity.

Unparalleled Comfort, Optimized Design

At Workspace Solutions, we understand that comfort is essential for a productive workday. That’s why Connolly seating is crafted with a unique design that maintains generous seat proportions, even with a smaller scale footprint. Our goal is to provide a seating solution that caters to your comfort needs without compromising on functionality. Connolly seamlessly combines ergonomic design principles with style, allowing you to work comfortably and efficiently.

Residential Elegance, Customizable Sophistication

Connolly seating goes beyond ordinary office furniture. With its residentially styled elements and exquisite stitching details, this collection brings an air of sophistication to your workspace. We believe that your office should reflect your organization’s personality, and Connolly allows for customization to match your unique aesthetic preferences. From color options to material choices, create a workspace that not only inspires but also leaves a lasting impression on clients and employees.

Endless Configurations, Tailored to Your Needs

Every office has its unique requirements, and Connolly seating understands that. The collection accommodates a variety of configurations and smaller footprints, providing flexibility without compromising on comfort. Whether you need collaborative seating arrangements for brainstorming sessions or individual work areas for focused tasks, Connolly can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Create a workspace that supports your workflow and enhances the well-being of your team.

Connolly Lounge Seating in Fort Wayne

Workspace Solutions proudly presents the Connolly Seating Collection by National, a game-changer in office furniture design. With its ability to maximize space, maintain comfort, and offer customization options, Connolly provides the ideal lounge solution for any workspace. Whether you have a small office or a larger corporate setting, Connolly’s freestanding and modular units enable you to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Let Workspace Solutions help you transform your workspace with Connolly and unlock the full potential of your office environment.