Creative Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Office

Research has shown that people who work in clean working environments are more likely to do productive and positive things. However, if your office space is tiny and cluttered, it can be tough for your employees to focus. It might also result in low morale and a higher turnover rate. 

You can maximize the space you have with the right organizational hacks and furniture, and we’re here to show you how. Use these tips to make the most of a small office. 

Declutter to Create Space

Clutter has a direct impact on your mental health, and it can make it difficult to gauge how much space you actually have. It’s easy to accumulate items, documents, and old equipment that you may not use anymore. 

Digitizing information creates much more space and makes finding information easier. If you can get rid of old documents, make sure you use a secure shredding service and follow all laws regarding customer or patient information. 

Do you have old office equipment or electronics sitting around that no longer work? If so, scheduling an e-waste pickup can help you recycle them and give you more room. 

Design a Collaborative Office

A small office can feel even more cramped with excess barriers like cubicles or walls. Instead, create a collaborative office space. These open floor plans give the impression of having more room and they encourage communication with other colleagues. 

This is an excellent way to get employees from different teams to talk, bond, and share ideas. 

The key is to have the right small office furniture and create a functional layout.

Large desks and tables with room for multiple monitors or laptops allow employees to sit near one another while still having their own space. Comfortable couches and chairs create a more inviting environment that fosters creativity.

Your employees will feel less stressed which can help them focus and become more productive. 

Use Vertical Space

Many office spaces focus on using floor space but neglect to come up with storage solutions that maximize the vertical space they have.  

Build shelves into the wall to create storage. One of our favorite small office furniture ideas is to install a tall storage cabinet for shared materials. There are even corner shelves for those awkward spaces that can leave you feeling stumped for ideas. 

Place Creative Dividers

Solid walls block your view and chop up a space. If you need privacy, consider using creative dividers like glass walls or slatted panels that define areas without cutting off natural light or feeling too closed in. 

When you have a small office space, you want to maximize the natural light you have as it makes the space feel bigger. 

Make the Most of a Small Office

Having a small office doesn’t mean you can’t create an inviting and functional work environment. Use these tips to maximize the space you have. 

Are you interested in transforming your floor plan? Here at Workspace Solutions, we sell a variety of business furniture and design workspaces to make the most of your office area, no matter the size. 

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