6 Must-Have Office Furniture Pieces for Small Businesses on a Budget

Did you know that more than 88 million people work in offices in the United States? With so many people populating offices, it’s easy to see why they need the best furnishing possible. But how can you find the best office furniture pieces while you design your workspaces?

If you’re building an office furniture budget, we’re happy to help. Read on for your top six priorities while searching for new and used office furniture.

1. Work Desks

The first thing your employees will need is their work desks. These desks are where many employees will spend the bulk of their time. It’s crucial that they be high-quality and easy to work on.

We suggest looking for something spacious and sturdy. Don’t get something that will wobble if your workers put their elbows on the desk.

Used desks are also a great option. Make sure that you restore any desks that are noticeably worn down or damaged. Worn desks can make your employees feel like you skimped on their comfort.

2. Communal Cabinets

Communal cabinets are vital in shared areas like kitchens and break rooms. They’re a great place for your employees to store goods that they don’t want to bring to and from the office every day.

Consider cabinets or pantries in the kitchen for non-perishable items. A few cabinets in the break room can let your employees store books or other leisure items for their breaks.

3. Storage Cabinets

What about personal storage? There are still plenty of options!

You should look for desks that have personal storage drawers. These will help your employees keep their desks clear and clean.

Other standalone items like filing cabinets are effective. You can also allow employees to bring their own.

4. Cafeteria Furniture

What about when your employees break to eat? While some prefer to eat at their desk, this can be bad for productivity. A designated eating area is often better.

Look for comfortable cafeteria furniture for your employees to enjoy their meal breaks. These can help them stay recharged and focused.

5. Ergonomic Chairs

For every moment they’re at their desks, your employees are likely sitting. Ergonomic chairs and desks can help them stay healthy, productive, and comfortable.

Don’t buy the cheapest, most worn chairs you can find. Look into ergonomic and comfortable chairs that will benefit their posture and health.

6. Collaborative Desks

Finally, you should ensure you have spaces for your teams to work together. Large desks are great used office furniture that can help your employees collaborate.

Make sure you’re furnishing your meeting rooms with more than just whiteboards. Plentiful chairs, large desks, and everything your employees need to work together will boost productivity.

Finding the Perfect Office Furniture Pieces

Finding the best office furniture pieces for your employees may feel overwhelming, but making a list will help. Furnish your areas room by room with the appropriate types of furniture. If you’re struggling with your office furniture budget, used office furniture is an excellent choice.

Not sure where to shop?

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