Three Ways an Employee Lounge Increases Productivity

Take a look at your current employee lounge. Does it reflect your company values and how you feel about your workers? If not, it could be hurting morale. 

The work break room can be so much more than a place to grab coffee. It’s an area where employees go to recharge their creative batteries and communicate with other team members. Plus, it can improve productivity. 

Here’s what you need to know, so you can make the most of the space you have. 

1. It’s the Perfect Place for Breaks

The daily grind can be stressful and have a negative impact on your employees. Workplace burnout is a real concern in all industries, and when people feel burned out, they aren’t productive. 

Most people consider their desk as a place they need to buckle down and focus. That’s great, but there are also advantages to taking the occasional break. 

Your employees should see the work break room as an area to pause and recharge their batteries. They can sit down for a few minutes and drink a coffee, or briefly chat with a coworker. 

Taking a break also increases focus when your employee returns to their desk. 

2. It Can Encourage Creativity

When your workers get stuck on a project or feel like they can’t think, it can benefit them to step away for a bit. Often, taking a step away from the desk and moving to a more relaxing environment will help to reduce stress. 

One of the benefits of an employee lounge, when done right, is that it fosters creativity. Bright colors can boost energy while blues and greens mimic nature and create a relaxing atmosphere. 

Add some comfy chairs or couches and give your employees a chance to change their work environment for a bit. Sometimes that’s all they need to break through a creative slump. 

3. It Can Incentivize Workers

Your work lounge should be more than a coffee maker and some cafeteria chairs. 

A fridge offers a place for your team to store food while a microwave lets them heat up their meals. A coffee maker with all the extras like creamers and sugar packets keeps everyone energized. A vending machine gives your employees a chance to grab a snack. 

Consider putting some books in the area and creating a small library where employees can look something up or learn. 

Bring the outside in with some plants and turn a boring space into a more relaxing one. Lose the white walls and add some color or texture. 

When you create a welcoming space, your employees will look forward to using the break room, and it can make them happier. A happy employee is naturally more productive. 

Improve Your Employee Lounge

There are many reasons why creating an inviting and relaxing employee lounge helps your team become more productive. They can focus better after taking a break, and they’ll actually want to use the room if you make it comfortable. 

Workspace Solutions can help you create a welcoming work lounge that your employees will love. Take a look at some of our work and reach out to us if you have any questions.