The White Board goes High Tech at Workspace Solutions

Just about every business meeting today is centered around a “white board.” Notes, and ideas that surface during the meeting get written down. Presentations are made using diagrams and flowcharts. This low tech successor to the messy chalk board has become an indispensable business tool for the 21st century.

Now, Workspace Solutions and Claridge bring the white board into the world of high tech.

Now you can use your white board as a screen, and project any notes, documents, spreadsheets or photos from your computer onto the wall for all to see. There’s also an LCD version of the screen where you don’t even need a projector. You can then write on your white board, and save all of your notes and drawings in a shareable computer file. You can even email the information on your white board. You can have other employees in other offices anywhere around the world sit in on your meeting, and view what’s on your white board exactly as if they were in your conference room.

Today, you know that you could never have a successful meeting without your trusty white board. Once you’ve used a Claridge Solution board, or their LCD C2Touch screens, you’ll never be able to hold another meeting without it.

See it in action in the video, or come to our downtown showroom and see it in person.  How would you use one of these high tech white boards?

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Claridge Solution Board

C2Touch LCD Screen

Technology Infused Office Furniture

(First of a four part series on Office Furniture Trends for 2012)

As the office world becomes more mobile and tech savvy, we are seeing the introduction of new and exciting office furniture designs that accommodate workers on the go.

Desks and tables that are wired and have cut outs for computer hardware are becoming popular just for this reason.  Some even have recharging stations for phones or laptops built in.

The electronic whiteboard is gaining popularity in the work area because a laptop screen can be projected onto the board for everyone to see, and an electronic “pen” can be used to move items around.

What tech features are you looking for in your next office design?

Here at Workspace Solutions we can help you modernize and choose work spaces and desks that with infuse your office with technology and laptop accessibility.