Extreme Offices

The Bill and Melinda Gatets Foundation built a half billion dollar office facility in Seattle where they hope to solve some of the world’s toughest problems.  The first problem they tackled was how to better utilize office space to use less of it per employee, while increasing collaboration.  The way they accomplished this is strongly influencing new furniture design and office layouts.


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A Revolution in Classroom Furniture

Learning environments are more flexible, diverse and technology-driven than ever. The Fixtures line from Izzy+ was designed after long discussions with actual end users, students, teachers, and educators. As a result of that research, Fixtures is focused on outfitting the perfect learning environment: flexible and adaptable, supporting technology, encouraging collaboration, and supplying the kind of easy-care durability that are must-haves for high-use schools and corporate training areas.

Workspace Solutions is proud to handle the Izzy+ Fixtures line for Northern Indiana. Contact us and we’ll be happy to show you more. You can also visit the Izzy+ website and see some great examples of how schools are using this innovative product.

More Affordable Seating from Lesro

Local hospitals have been excited about our new chair line from Lesro. This is a company that specializes in solid wood and metal reception area and conference room furniture. The best part, however, is the affordable price. Any time you can combine high quality with a lower price, you’ve got a winner.
You can learn more about them on their website by clicking here, or visit our showroom.