Organizing the Mess on your Desk

organizing deskIt has been said that a messy desk is a sure sign of a creative mind.  While that may be true, a messy desk is also a sign of disorganization, chaos, and stress.  If you find yourself feeling frequently overwhelmed and stressed, the chances are that a good old-fashioned desk cleaning will get  you back on the path to serenity.  Here are a few tips you can use in order to get rid of the mess on your desk  so you can maximize your productivity, efficiency, and even your attitude.

Purge your Papers

If your desk is cluttered with papers, the first and most important step is to go through these papers and find a place for them.  It helps to organize the papers into three different groups; “Current,” “Archives,” and “Recycle.”  If it is an item or project that you are currently working on, file it in the “Current” folder.  If it is a document that you don’t need to have on hand, but still need to keep on record, file it under “Archives.”  And thirdly, if there are papers that you never need to look at again, go ahead and get rid of them!  You will probably be surprised at what you don’t even need anymore.

Many times in a day, I find myself grabbing a sticky note, and jotting down a quick note or phone number.  It never fails, that by the end of the day, my desk is littered with sticky notes.  Rather than your desk becoming an ocean of sticky notes, grab your phone and take a picture of any notes or phone numbers you might need, and then throw the hard copies away!  Chances are, when it comes time to need those notes, you are more likely to have your phone on you anyway.

Rank your Office Supplies in Order of Importance

On every cluttered desk sits an army of unused office supplies.  Your desk should have a certain “hierarchy of needs.” Keep track of which supplies you use most.  If there is an item you use most, keep it in closest proximity, on the side of your dominant hand.

Likewise, if there are any that you hardly ever use; toss those babies back in the supply closet, like it’s the Island of Misfit Toys.

Keep a Wastebasket Nearby

If you have to get up from your desk to throw something away, chances are you probably won’t throw things away as often.  Because of this, simply having a trashcan within arm’s reach can severely diminish mess.

Get Organized With Workspace Solutions

The best defense is a good offense!  And by that I mean, if you don’t have a place for every single item that comes across your desk in a day, those things tend to just stay right there on your desk.

Without a doubt, the most important factor in maintaining an organized workspace is having plenty of storage, and keeping it well organized.  If you lack storage space, give Workspace Solutions a call.  They have a wide variety of storage solutions including under the desk storage systems, lateral files, storage towers, bookcases, large filing cabinets, and more.

Workspace Solutions has been helping people around the Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, South Bend and Warsaw areas get organized for  years.  To find out what we can do for you, give us a call today at (260) 422-8529.