In the Interest of Comfort and Productivity: Buying the Most Comfortable Office Chair

most comfortable office chair

Ouch… Once back pain starts to set in, it can be difficult to even make it through a workday, let alone a workweek.

This is one of those nagging injuries that will only keep stiffening and tightening on you until the pain becomes so bad that you need to take more serious measures. It’s something that lots of people are going through, as more than 260 million workdays each year are lost to serious back pain.

Prevention is everything, and the best way to prevent back pain is by purchasing the most comfortable office chair you can find. The tips in this article will help you with your research.

Instead of only focusing on brands of office chairs, make sure you know what you want. Here are the tips that you should be thinking about.

1. Check Out the Height Settings

Office chairs come with plenty of adjustments, but you need to know the maximum and minimum heights and whether the chair is suited for you. If you’re particularly short or tall, you may have certain requirements that just can’t be met with certain chairs.

By figuring this out you can start disqualifying some chairs while putting others on your wish list.

2. Choose the Right Materials

If you are going to be spending a lot of time in your workweek in this office chair, it should be made with the materials that you prefer.

Some people like the more firm back support that certain materials offer. Other people like a softer more plush leather or other materials. Stop by some office furniture outlets and try out the chairs before buying them.

3. Go With a Chair That Provides Lots of Back Support

The only way to stop the back pain is by purchasing a chair that gives you plenty of support. Research exactly what kind of lumbar and spinal support you are getting from the chair before purchasing it.

It is best to spend a little more to get a chair that curves and moves with your spine. This way your back won’t be put into awkward positions every day for hours at a time.

4. Think About Your Budget

There is an office chair for every budget, so you should think about how much you want to spend.

Whether you are buying a chair for $50 or $500, always insist on getting quality. Let the shop know your price range and find reviews for office chairs within that price range. You should also get a warranty on the chair as a backup plan.

5. Buy a Chair That Moves With You

Outside of back support, the movement of the office chair is very important also. You need to be able to use this chair with any desk setup, so it should have several modes of moving and adjusting.

This helps you get comfortable and lets everyone get some use out of chairs whenever they need to be transferred to new seating arrangements.

Buy the Most Comfortable Office Chair

Shopping for the most comfortable office chair is possible when you use these tips. This will help you stay productive and will also protect your back.

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