How to Balance Work and Life When Working From Home

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, only 4.1 percent of the US labor force worked from home. At the height of the pandemic, this figure rose to 69 percent.

While a lot of these workers have now gone back to the office full-time, there are many others still working from home and adapting to the challenges this presents. One of which is separating your work life from your personal life when your kitchen table is also your desk!

Here are some ways to help you find balance when working from home.

Set a Schedule

Even if you’re a freelancer or your employer doesn’t follow a rigid timetable, sticking to a regular schedule can help reduce your stress levels and increase productivity. This also means making sure to log off and avoid work emails once your shift is over to avoid blurring the lines between your work and home life.

Design a Dedicated Workspace

Creating the right work environment is key to a productive day of telecommuting. Even if you’re not able to set up a home office in your spare room, try to avoid working from a shared area such as the kitchen table as this can lead to discord in your home environment.

Instead, carve out a dedicated office space complete with a desk, chair, and other accessories in a guest room or the corner of your living room. This is often enough to create the feel of an office setup and help you get into the right mindset for a day of work.

Take Regular Breaks

While the nature of remote working makes it easier to move from task to task without interruption, this means that remote workers often forget to take breaks as they would in an office environment. Taking regular breaks from work helps improve concentration, increase productivity, and boost mood so it’s essential that you factor them into your schedule.

Chat With Colleagues

Missing those chats you and your work buddies used to have around the water cooler? Why not recreate them from home?! Schedule 10 minutes per day to connect with your co-workers via Slack or Zoom about non-work related topics. As well as giving your brain a break, these conversations are vital for building relationships and boosting your morale.

Get Outside

A two-second commute from your bed to your desk is a big advantage of working from home. But it’s all too easy to go entire days without stepping foot outside when you work and live in the same space.

Make sure to include time for activities in the fresh air, whether that means strolling around the yard while you’re on a conference call or heading out to a local park to eat your lunch. Even better, finishing your day with a quick workout or a coffee with a friend is the perfect way to disconnect from work after sitting alone in your home office all day.

Achieving Balance When Working From Home

It can be hard to separate your work and home life when your home also has to double up as your office.

But, with these tips to guide you, it should now be a lot easier to achieve balance when working from home. Especially if you set yourself up for success with the right tools and equipment!

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