Your Official Guide to Choose an Office Furniture

Are you in the market for new office furniture? Whether you have a single office to furnish or need to furnish an entire corporate office, buying office furniture can be a bit intimidating with thousands of options.

If you’ve been put in charge of purchasing furniture for your space, keep reading to make the process way less stressful

What to Look For In Office Furniture

Before you start hunting for office furniture, take note of the space you’re working with. Which pieces of furniture do you need to both fit the practical and comfortable dynamics they will be used for? Take measurements so you know what furniture will fit in your space.

Ergonomics should play a factor when buying office furniture. Ergonomics takes into consideration which factors influence employees’ success and productivity. To maintain an efficient, comfortable workspace, choose furniture with quality design and support. 

This could include having footrests, chairs with lower back support, or height-adjustable desks in the office.  

Similarly, furniture that is well-designed and can be comfortable for a person of any shape and size is appreciated in the workspace. Many desks and chairs have adjustable features so that the width and height can be moved to fit the comfort of the individual.

Aesthetics are important too. Don’t neglect the impact ambiance from office furniture has on the office. Employees spend so much time in the office that it should have a great atmosphere, which furniture aesthetic influences. 

Tips for Buying Office Furniture

When working with a limited budget, furnishing your office with used office furniture or a mix of used and new furniture can help save money. Searching ‘used office furniture near me’ online to find some good deals close by can help you find great deals on furniture. 

Pick a reputable, trustworthy company to buy from. They should ideally be well-established, having a good consumer base already. Read online reviews and look into what materials they use to build their furniture so you can be sure you’re buying quality pieces. The last thing you want to do is to have to replace the furniture again in a few months or years when it falls apart.

Opt for the warranty on larger, more expensive pieces in case something goes wrong. You never know what kind of accident could happen, so having a warranty covers your bases without having to worry. 

Consider Your Budget

Whether you’re buying home office furniture or ordering in bulk for a large corporation, keep your budget in mind. You may need to make this budget yourself or go off of a budget your boss has given you.

Identify which pieces of furniture are the most important. Office desk furniture, including chairs, will likely be number one on that list. Lobby furniture, conference furniture, and storage solutions may come next.

Don’t overspend on simplistic things. Remember how important ambiance is and how easily you can create that with some good lighting and a nice rug.

Get to Work

After considering your budget, how much space you have, and researching furniture options, you’re ready to make some smart furniture decisions. Have a general aesthetic in mind and watch how everything flows together during the shopping and buying process.

Check out Workspace Solutions’ office furniture store to find a wide variety of furniture in many styles, functions, and fashions that will perfectly fit your office space. 

Office Decor 101: How Do You Decorate a Boring Office?

Is your boring office sucking the life out of you quicker than the prospect of a four-hour meeting? Your office decor is one of the main things that can affect your energy levels, motivation, and happiness at work. But, you’re not being paid to decorate, so when are you meant to find the time to make sure your offices are the productivity haven they should be? Well, there are some sure-fire ways you can convert your office vibe overnight. 

Read on for some office decor ideas that can convert your office vibe overnight.


The first thing to do is take a look at your office as if you’re seeing it for the first time: is it shabby and outdated? If so, get rid of any out-of-date items and replace them with more modern versions. 

Next, add a little life to the office with some office plants. Plants are one of the best and easiest things you can do to improve your office atmosphere. In addition to making the office space more attractive, they also help to reduce stress, increase productivity, and purify the air.

When modernizing your office, it’s time to say goodbye to those boring beige walls and bring in some more vibrant colors. Office workers place a high value on forward-thinking, out-of-the-box office designs so show a little design prowess with an accent wall in one of your branding colors or a color to stimulate creativity and productivity.

Up to 80% of office workers believe the colors around them affect their mood. Decide what mood you’d like to create in your office, then grab a paintbrush and paint away the office blahs. 

 such as ergonomic chairs or standing desks to keep your team healthy and happy. 

Stylish Filing Solutions

There’s nothing worse than a cluttered office, so it’s time to upgrade to some filing cabinets to be proud of. 

Clever space-saving solutions are the first step to encouraging organization and productivity. Gone are the days of large metal filing cabinets. Today, there are many storage solutions in different sizes, materials, colors, and styles to suit every type of office.

Upgrade Your Furniture 

While you’re updating your office decor, be sure to also invest in modernized health and safety solutions. Office workers have complained about the state of their office chairs since the beginning of time. So, don’t be yet another employer that doesn’t prioritize their employee’s health. 

Instead, invest in ergonomic office chairs, standing desks or sit-to-stand desks, and couches that will help your employees maintain good posture and stay healthy. 

Don’t Go it Alone

If your still feeling a little overwhelmed or need a little more work than you can handle,  hire someone to help with professional office design. 

Office designers can help you create a more modern office and make the most of your space. They’ll guide you through choosing new office furniture, colors, and creating functional spaces. They can even work with your building architects if you’re adding on.  Talk to an office designer to get a taste of what’s possible. 

Prioritize Your Office Decor Today 

So that’s a brief guide to improving your office decor. Whether it’s for your personal office or your whole staff, these decor ideas are sure to bring new energy to any work space. 

If you’re ready to feel happy, motivated, and inspired at work, it’s time to prioritize your office! Both you and your employees will be thankful for an office revamp and reap the benefits of a refreshed working environment. 

Shop with us today for all the office solutions you need. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Office Ergonomics

Over 5.6 million Americans left their job in September of 2022. And, while the reasons vary greatly, if you want to increase your employee retention then you need to be proactive. 

One of the first things on your list is to make your employees comfortable. 

Get started by learning about office ergonomics below. 

What is Ergonomics?

Workplace ergonomics is the study of how to create the most productive work environment. While its definition is broad, there are specific tasks that led a hand to designing and implementing ergonomics in your office. This may include buying the right type of furniture or organizing the office to promote ergonomics. 

Benefits of Ergonomics

Now that we’ve answered the question of what is ergonomics, you should know why it is important. The benefits of ergonomics include:

  • Fewer physical discomforts while working
  • Decrease in serious injury 
  • Reduction in employee absences
  • Improved retention rates

In addition, studies have found that employees who are happy are 13% more productive. So, the more comfortable your staff is then the more work they may complete. 

How to Make Your Office Ergonomic

Another bonus of an ergonomic office is that they are easy to develop. Plus, you can do as little or as much as possible to your office to make it comfortable and functional for your staff.

Here are a few ergonomic basics to implement. 

Maintaining Proper Posture

Emphasizing and assisting with proper posture in the workplace is essential for the health of your employees. Poor posture is the root cause of muscle strain and pain. Prolonged incorrect posture can lead to serious injuries in any part of the body.

Remind your employees to sit straight and offer tools to help them like lumbar and neck pillows for support. 

Finding the Right Chair

In addition to accessories, having ergonomic chair options can help support the spine. These chairs have built-in support and can be adjusted to suit each employee’s body type and size. They are worth the investment since most of the workday is spent sitting when at an office. 

Adjusting Your Screen and Desk

A chair shouldn’t be the only adjustable part of a workstation. Having the right size ergonomic desk is also important to maintain good posture by keeping the head level. 

While adjusting each desk, keep in mind the need to move the computer screen so it is the proper distance from the viewer and promotes comfortable movement while working. 

Making Time for Movement

Sitting too long can cause pain and injury as well, even when your office setup is ergonomic. Therefore, designate time for your staff to add movement to their workday.  

This may include intervals of standing or walking as well as stretching at their desk. 

Offering Optimal Lighting

Having the right amount of lighting is also part of an ergonomic office. Bright fluorescent lights strain the eyes and can cause headaches as well as reduce eyesight over time. Offer lamps and other soft lighting options to your employees for better working conditions.

Getting Started with Office Ergonomics 

A great place to start transforming your space with office ergonomics in mind is by buying new furniture. These pieces will ensure that you reorganize, rethink, and redesign your office for the purpose of comfort. 

Visit our office furniture inventory page to begin browsing. 





Buying the Best Commercial Furniture on a Budget: How to Not Break the Bank

Outfitting a new office or upgrading your old furniture can be a big financial commitment. If you’ve ever browsed a big-box office supply store, you know how costly a single desk or chair can be. Consider the cost of outfitting offices or cubicles for a handful of employees or even an entire office building. 

Sticking to a budget while still getting high-quality, functional commercial furniture can feel impossible. Luckily, there are a few ways to save cash without sacrificing quality.

Keep reading to learn three tips to help you furnish your office while not breaking the bank.

Skip the Office Box Stores

If you need to buy a desk or bookcase for your home, you’d likely go to an office supply chain store or furniture shop. But when it comes to shopping for a commercial space, this isn’t the best choice.

If you want the best office furniture for your money, head to a local office furniture store instead. Here you’ll find solutions designed for your office space, at a price that avoids the markup found at chains and big box stores.

Of course, many of us are now working remotely at home. If you want to outfit your home office for less, a commercial furniture store might be the solution.

Consider Buying Used

Most of us realize that buying new comes at a premium. But while you might think to head to a used car lot to save money on a new ride, most of us don’t think about buying used commercial furniture.

Depending on the item and where you shop, that new commercial furniture could be marked up as much as 400 percent versus what it cost to build. If you need business furniture that’s still functional and high-quality, consider shopping used.

With many offices now selling their furniture to work remotely, you can get a great deal on used office furniture!

Invest in Quality Where it Matters

There are a few types of furniture that you should never skimp on. Take your desk chairs, for instance. Employees spend nearly 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 48 weeks a year sitting in their desk chairs. That’s an average of over 1,900 hours a year in that chair. If that chair is old, worn out, or uncomfortable, it can have a big effect on employee morale and health.

It’s also important to make sure that your furniture choices don’t pose a safety hazard. If you need to store heavy manuals and other office supplies, a cheap bookcase could wind up buckling under the weight and injure anyone standing nearby.

Shopping for Commercial Furniture Without Breaking the Bank

Shopping for new, quality commercial furniture for your office doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank.

By skipping the box stores, considering buying used, and investing in quality where it matters the most, you can stick to your budget and still build a functional office space.

To start browsing high-quality, affordable business furniture, browse our selection today!

How to Design Safe Workplaces After the Pandemic

safe workplaces

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way many companies do business.  In May 2020, 48.7 million Americans, about 35% of the workforce, began working from home due to the pandemic.

By December 2020, about 30% of them had gone back to the office. Over the next year, many more will follow as business shifts back to the office. But almost half say they’re nervous about returning.

AS a business, it’s our job to make sure that our employees have safe workplaces when they return. That might mean adopting new cleaning plans and new safety protocols. It might also mean taking a look at safe workspace design. 

Making Sure Your Workplace Is Clean

Businesses must develop return-to-office plans for employees who’ve been working remotely. In doing so, cleanliness becomes a chief consideration.

Many workers have had complete control over the cleanliness of their daily workspace. Giving up that control may make some uncomfortable.

You can do a lot to reassure your employees that you have their health and safety in mind. You may need to create a plan for more frequent cleaning. New safety protocols like disinfecting frequently touched surfaces may be in order. You should also consider adopting a fresh, easy-to-clean workspace design.

Today’s post-COVID workplace should be designed with cleanliness in mind. An effective solution combines smart design with innovative furniture from top manufacturers.

To create a safe and healthful workplace, keep communication with employees open. Keep them informed and ask for their feedback on any new protocols. 

Safe Workplace Design

American workers have become accustomed to social distancing. For those who’ve been working from home, returning to a crowded office space may be especially difficult. Ensuring your post-COVID workplace offers social distancing while allowing for productive collaboration is your challenge.

The CDC advises that creating a safe workspace should include appropriate social distancing. They suggest using dividers and panels as barriers along with signage and visual cues to promote social distancing. 

Social distancing at work doesn’t necessarily mean giving up an open floor plan. Open floorplans allow for better air circulation. They also eliminate a lot of the most frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs and cubical entrances. 

Rethinking furniture layout, updating seating plans, and traffic flow in your offices can go a long way to creating a safe workplace. It also reassures employees that you are focused on their health and wellbeing.

Creating Safe Workplaces that Works

For the post-COVID worker, personal safety, health, and well-being have become immutable priorities. But business must carry on. So, your workspace needs to work for your employees and your business. It must be clean, safe, and within budget.

Workspace Solutions specializes in creating innovative and safe workplaces.  We’re focused on creating the right space for your company and we provide safe workplace design solutions, including options for new and used office furniture, project specification and management, and installation.  

Contact us today to learn how to create a safe workplace for your company and its employees.

No More Cubicles: How to Create a Collaborative Workspace

collaborative workspace

Although he created the cubicle in the 1960s, Robert Propst regretted his invention by the end of his life. Large corporations were using it to pack as many employees in a room as possible, which was not his intention. 

Because of this misuse of design, many people have come to hate working in a cubicle-filled office. While cubicles are a great way to add privacy, using them incorrectly can decrease productivity and keep teams from working together.

Utilizing cubicles along with open areas can increase productivity and overall happiness in the workplace. 

If you’re looking around your office right now realizing it needs an update, this guide has you covered. Keep reading to learn how you can take your office design out of the cubicle box and to the next level. 

Collaborative Workspace Furniture

Having a few different furniture styles around the office provides employees separate spaces for different types of work. For a collaborative office space, set up booths, long tables with plenty of chairs, couches, huddle spaces, and informal meeting spaces.

When the furniture is already set up so employees can gather face-to-face, it encourages them to meet and brainstorm solutions to problems or other ideas about how to progress the company. 

The Colors of the Collaborative Workspace

While you may not think employees care about the color of the office walls, subconsciously, it affects their moods. White walls can hinder productivity, while blues have a calming effect, and natural tones promote efficiency.

Perhaps your brand’s colors align with the mood you want to establish within your office. Even if you only use them on accent walls, the pop of color will boost the overall mood in the office. This will encourage people to work with one another. 

Establish a Positive and Welcoming Ambience 

There are a couple of things you can do to ensure your employees enjoy spending their 44 weeks in your office. The first action you can take is playing upbeat music in the background. Researchers at Cornell University found that when happy, upbeat songs play in an office, it increases collaboration. 

Additionally, food is fuel. By providing a place for healthy snacks in a designated space in the office, your employees can keep their energy up and mood positive while spending time with one another.

A small cafe space can serve as a place for people to get to know one another, not just as colleagues, but as people. So they can develop stronger bonds that’ll make them better when working on professional projects. 

Ready to Take Your Office Into the Modern Age? 

Having a collaborative workspace promotes productivity and overall employee happiness. Why not invest in office furniture and spaces that create a healthy environment? 

For all your office needs, check out Workspace Solutions. We know how to create a collaborative workplace using our versatile products. Reach out to us today for assistance breaking out of the cubicle and transforming your space. 

How to Balance Work and Life When Working From Home

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, only 4.1 percent of the US labor force worked from home. At the height of the pandemic, this figure rose to 69 percent.

While a lot of these workers have now gone back to the office full-time, there are many others still working from home and adapting to the challenges this presents. One of which is separating your work life from your personal life when your kitchen table is also your desk!

Here are some ways to help you find balance when working from home.

Set a Schedule

Even if you’re a freelancer or your employer doesn’t follow a rigid timetable, sticking to a regular schedule can help reduce your stress levels and increase productivity. This also means making sure to log off and avoid work emails once your shift is over to avoid blurring the lines between your work and home life.

Design a Dedicated Workspace

Creating the right work environment is key to a productive day of telecommuting. Even if you’re not able to set up a home office in your spare room, try to avoid working from a shared area such as the kitchen table as this can lead to discord in your home environment.

Instead, carve out a dedicated office space complete with a desk, chair, and other accessories in a guest room or the corner of your living room. This is often enough to create the feel of an office setup and help you get into the right mindset for a day of work.

Take Regular Breaks

While the nature of remote working makes it easier to move from task to task without interruption, this means that remote workers often forget to take breaks as they would in an office environment. Taking regular breaks from work helps improve concentration, increase productivity, and boost mood so it’s essential that you factor them into your schedule.

Chat With Colleagues

Missing those chats you and your work buddies used to have around the water cooler? Why not recreate them from home?! Schedule 10 minutes per day to connect with your co-workers via Slack or Zoom about non-work related topics. As well as giving your brain a break, these conversations are vital for building relationships and boosting your morale.

Get Outside

A two-second commute from your bed to your desk is a big advantage of working from home. But it’s all too easy to go entire days without stepping foot outside when you work and live in the same space.

Make sure to include time for activities in the fresh air, whether that means strolling around the yard while you’re on a conference call or heading out to a local park to eat your lunch. Even better, finishing your day with a quick workout or a coffee with a friend is the perfect way to disconnect from work after sitting alone in your home office all day.

Achieving Balance When Working From Home

It can be hard to separate your work and home life when your home also has to double up as your office.

But, with these tips to guide you, it should now be a lot easier to achieve balance when working from home. Especially if you set yourself up for success with the right tools and equipment!

For more information or recommendations about home office design, feel free to get in touch with us at Workspace Solutions today!

6 Tips for Organizing Your Office Filing System

office filing system

A good office is like a well-functioning machine. There are lots of different components, but they all work together in tandem to serve a purpose. Employees, management, equipment – the list goes on.

And if the office is the machine, then an office filing system is the fuel. You need it in order to properly function.

So, what happens when there’s no fuel? Your machine doesn’t run!

If you want to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace, you’re going to need an effective office filing system. You can have the best, most qualified workers, or the most cutting-edge technology, but disorganized office files can stop productivity in its tracks.

Don’t be intimidated! Here are some tips to help you out. Read on to learn how to organize your office filing system!

1. Use a Clear & Consistent Naming Method

When learning how to organize an office filing system, the first step is to consider your file and folder names. You don’t want to have to sort through every single document in the office before you find what you’re looking for.

The name of the file alone should be enough to tell you if it’s the one you need. Keep it simple, but informative. Consider using abbreviation methods and including the date in the file name for easier organization and better clarity.

2. Dispose of Unnecessary Files

There’s no point in holding onto files you don’t need, and yet it’s extremely common in offices! Clutter can easily build up over time, taking up space and adding to the disarray of your office filing system.

It’s a good idea to schedule a time to go through old files. You might start with choosing one day every month to sort through all your documents and recycle and/or shred ones that you no longer need.

3. Avoid Overfilling

Another great way to declutter your files is to break down your folders into subfolders! If you have certain folders that are filled to the brim, consider creating subcategories to split up the documents. This organization within organization can bring order to the chaos.

4. Establish an Active File System

Active file systems are areas for files that you use and refer to regularly. This could also include actionable or time sensitive items. You can improve your office filing system organization by placing active files in an easily-accessible area so that you don’t have to dig through the system every time you need them!

5. Follow a Consistent File Order

Organizing office files can take many different forms. Categorical, alphabetical, chronological – the list goes on. Color-coding files is also a tried and true method that can help you find what you need from a single glance.

You could even use multiple methods in subfolders. For example, if you organize your main folders by category, you can organize the items in each category alphabetically.

6. Digitize, Digitize, Digitize

In an increasingly technological world, it’s important that offices stay up-to-date with modern organization methods. Digitizing your files will help you with that!

It’s an easy way to declutter the office and still archive files, which is good if you don’t have much physical storage space. It’s also easier to share online files with many people, and it’s better for the environment to boot!

Find the Best Office Filing System for You

Having a strong and well-organized office filing system is a surefire way to make sure your office operates smoothly. There’s no better way to create an efficient, productive, and healthy workplace environment!

Contact us to learn more about office organization!