A Beginner’s Guide to Office Ergonomics

Over 5.6 million Americans left their job in September of 2022. And, while the reasons vary greatly, if you want to increase your employee retention then you need to be proactive. 

One of the first things on your list is to make your employees comfortable. 

Get started by learning about office ergonomics below. 

What is Ergonomics?

Workplace ergonomics is the study of how to create the most productive work environment. While its definition is broad, there are specific tasks that led a hand to designing and implementing ergonomics in your office. This may include buying the right type of furniture or organizing the office to promote ergonomics. 

Benefits of Ergonomics

Now that we’ve answered the question of what is ergonomics, you should know why it is important. The benefits of ergonomics include:

  • Fewer physical discomforts while working
  • Decrease in serious injury 
  • Reduction in employee absences
  • Improved retention rates

In addition, studies have found that employees who are happy are 13% more productive. So, the more comfortable your staff is then the more work they may complete. 

How to Make Your Office Ergonomic

Another bonus of an ergonomic office is that they are easy to develop. Plus, you can do as little or as much as possible to your office to make it comfortable and functional for your staff.

Here are a few ergonomic basics to implement. 

Maintaining Proper Posture

Emphasizing and assisting with proper posture in the workplace is essential for the health of your employees. Poor posture is the root cause of muscle strain and pain. Prolonged incorrect posture can lead to serious injuries in any part of the body.

Remind your employees to sit straight and offer tools to help them like lumbar and neck pillows for support. 

Finding the Right Chair

In addition to accessories, having ergonomic chair options can help support the spine. These chairs have built-in support and can be adjusted to suit each employee’s body type and size. They are worth the investment since most of the workday is spent sitting when at an office. 

Adjusting Your Screen and Desk

A chair shouldn’t be the only adjustable part of a workstation. Having the right size ergonomic desk is also important to maintain good posture by keeping the head level. 

While adjusting each desk, keep in mind the need to move the computer screen so it is the proper distance from the viewer and promotes comfortable movement while working. 

Making Time for Movement

Sitting too long can cause pain and injury as well, even when your office setup is ergonomic. Therefore, designate time for your staff to add movement to their workday.  

This may include intervals of standing or walking as well as stretching at their desk. 

Offering Optimal Lighting

Having the right amount of lighting is also part of an ergonomic office. Bright fluorescent lights strain the eyes and can cause headaches as well as reduce eyesight over time. Offer lamps and other soft lighting options to your employees for better working conditions.

Getting Started with Office Ergonomics 

A great place to start transforming your space with office ergonomics in mind is by buying new furniture. These pieces will ensure that you reorganize, rethink, and redesign your office for the purpose of comfort. 

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