The Dangers of Too Much Sitting at Work

too much sitting

Here’s a not so fun fact for you: too much sitting is known as the new smoking. That’s exactly how dangerous sitting for long periods of time can be on your body. If you’re currently working in a position that requires you to sit for extended periods, you may be harming your body more than you think.

Too Much Sitting Can Cause Health Problems

You may think that sitting for prolonged amounts of time may not be as dangerous as a physical job, but you’d be thinking wrong. Sitting in your office chair all day can really mess with your body in a lot of different ways.

We’ll take you through the most damaging.

Back Problems

No matter how comfortable your desk chair is, it is still preventing you from stretching out your spine enough throughout the day. You may find yourself slouching, creating a strain on your neck and spine which can lead to more damaging back problems.

The nerves of your spine may also be affected, leading to excruciating back pain.

Sitting too long can also put a lot of pressure on your muscles, leaving you in pain at the end of your work day.

Heart Disease

Yes, sitting at work all day without doing a lot of moving will put you at risk for heart disease. Sitting too often has been linked to higher levels of cholesterol and blood pressure.

Studies show that those who sit who long periods of time are at a 14% increased risk of heart disease as opposed to their nonsitting counterparts.

Risk of Obesity

This may be a no-brainer.

If you are sitting all day, chances are you aren’t getting a lot of exercises. Even if you are heading to the gym right after work. Your average workday is 8 hours, which means that’s most of your day that you’re sitting.

As you’re sitting, your muscles immediately quit working as much. This means that your metabolism slows, your insulin drops, and you may find yourself searching for snacks in the break room.

How to Avoid These Issues

So how can you prevent the above-mentioned issues?

Here are some ways you can combat too much sitting:

  • Start using a stand-up desk so you can stand up throughout your shift if you choose.
  • Take frequent breaks. Use this time to get up and stretch or walk around the office.
  • Grab some water or coffee. Getting up to grab a drink can also get your blood flowing.
  • Use up your lunch or break times for taking small walks with coworkers. You can chat with your work buddy while also getting in some much-needed steps in.


Working eight hours a day can be stressful enough but knowing that your sitting job may be harming your health can add to that stress. Make sure that you’re taking precautions while at work. Take some steps while at work, or invest in a standing desk. These measures will benefit your health greatly.

Have you recently transitioned to a standing desk? Let us know how it is improving your health.