Guide: How to Create the Ideal Work Environment

The ideal work environment varies from office to office. For some companies, bean bag chairs and plenty of snacks work to enhance the 9-5 experience.

Others may prefer a more structured arrangement–complete with defined seating arrangements and built-in privacy.

From arranging special furniture to selecting the perfect paint colors, here are a few tips to help you nail the ideal work environment for your business.


Does your current office design promote collaboration or is it hard to get people away from their desks and talking to one another?

These days, modern offices are increasingly moving toward an open plan.

The idea is, you’ll break down cubicle walls in favor of more flexible seating that encourages people to engage with one another, rather than being siloed off in their little area.

So how do you create this ideal work environment within your office? Well, the secret lies in the furniture. Consider setting up bench-like work areas or skipping assigned seating for a work space that feels more like your favorite library or cafe.

The flip side of the collaboration trend is, sometimes you do need some cordoned off space to meet and discuss more private matters.

Should you opt for an open plan, consider setting up other offices where people can hold meetings or have a moment of quiet reflection.

Choose the Right Colors

The ideal work environment should inspire creativity, not block great ideas from making their way down the pipeline.

We’ve all been in drab offices that do little more than slow down the passage of time, yet, over-the-top clutter and crazy colors can be jarring or distracting when you’re trying to think.

Color can make you happy or more depressed, motivated or lazy.

You don’t want to stress out your staff. Seek out calming colors like green and blue for best results. Green promotes harmony and creativity, while blue offers trust, along with a soothing clarity.

But, if this all sounds a bit boring–consider adding pops of color here and there. Say, a yellow wall to increase the flow of ideas or red accents to inspire passion and excitement.

Even different rooms can have different colors according to their intended use.


Flexibility is huge in today’s workplace. Modular units, adjustable standing desks, and wheels, wheels, wheels—all are essential in working together to create a space that works how you need it to.

If your office demands a certain level of flexibility, you may want to consider making the move toward minimalism. Think–laptops employees can easily move around and work spaces kept clean and clear.

If it’s a lot of work to move furniture around, you won’t actually do it, after all.

Learn More About Creating the Ideal Work Environment

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Contact us today, and we’ll help you find the right furniture–whether that’s bouncy balls or benches–to enable success.