Interactive Whiteboards, Presentation Tools, and More

Technology is constantly changing the way we work, and the spaces we work in. Workspace Solutions understand this, and offers interactive whiteboards, plug and play presentation tools, innovative power and data connection solutions, and more to keep your workspace up to date with the latest office technology.

i3 White Board

The i3 White Board is an interactive whiteboard that features stylus and finger touch recognition, supporting up to 10 simultaneous touches on most models. Work alongside or write on top of images and video to add a dynamic element to any presentation. The i3 Whiteboard is available in sizes up to 135” and can also be used with regular whiteboard markers as a dry erase board.

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The i3 Sync Presenter Tool allows wireless streaming of your presentation slides, audio and video to any display with a HDMI input. Eliminate the need for messy wired connections in your conference rooms and get rid of the frustration of configuring video resolution on your computer. The i3Sync is plug and play ready and works with up to 254 unique users in one room.

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Allsteel Power Hub

The Allsteel Power Hub functions as the structural support for their Further product line, but can also be used as a stand-alone power and data terminal in collaborative environments without traditional workstations. The Power Hub opens up new configuration options for spaces that were previously limited by access to power and data connections.

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Claridge Interactive Markerboard

Claridge Interactive Markerboards can transform your conference rooms into interactive teaching spaces at the click of a button. Liven up presentations with graphic overlays and other touch based interactive tools. These markerboards can also capture and record your presentations with innovative capture technology. Feel safe in your investment too, with Claridge's 50 year surface guarantee.

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