The Top 5 Best Team Building Games and Activities

Team building activities are important at work since it helps build communication, instill trust between colleagues, and improve communication. All this leads to better productivity and success for the business.

Are you looking to find some great team building games that you can incorporate at the office to help your employees build strong working relationships? Then, you’ve come to the right place! 

Here, we’ll give you five of the top games for team building you can add to your workplace environment for the benefit of all. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Trivia

With Trivia, you’ll have your team be asked and answer questions. This works best when you ask employees questions about work-related activities. That way, you can help them learn more about the company itself, what’s new that’s coming to the business, and what projects are currently underway. Lots of questions can be asked here to test their knowledge.

The name of the game is whoever answers the most questions correctly wins!

2. Charades

For charades, a word or phrase has to be acted in front of the other teams. First, you pick your teams and your team leader, then begin! It’s a fun game where the other team has to take a guess at choosing the right action being played out.

You can write the prompts on paper, put them in an envelope, and give them to your opposing team. Topics can relate to movies, characters, or anything business-related too. 

Guess more right than the other team and you’ve won! 

3. Scavenger Hunts

Want to find out how competitive your employees are? A scavenger hunt is a great idea. Here, you hide items around the office and teams have to find them.

There are different ways to win the game. For example, the team to find the most object might come up victorious. Also, you can play it where the team that finds a chosen object first wins. You can put a time limit on it to make the game more interesting and competitive.

4. Fantasy Soccer

With this game, split your employees into workplace teams individually. Have them create a fantasy soccer team each and start a league. It’s based on how the players play in real life, how their statistics weigh up, the goals scored, and any cautions they receive.

The winner is the person whose fantasy team ends up at the top of the league once it finishes.

It’s a fun team builder and can improve employee satisfaction!

5. Get Fit Team Building Games

Want to help your employees get to know each other better while staying active at the same time? Get Fit is perfect! 

Give your employees watches to track their activity levels and for timing. Split them into work teams and watch their mood improve while they boost their energy levels.

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Team building games are fun. Plus they help your employees get to know one another better and improve relationships within the office. Now, that’s a win-win situation.

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