The New Look of Office Design

It’s the new look of office design, with storage built across one side, and plenty of desk or table room on the other. It’s more efficient, ergonomic and works better with technology. Workspace Solutions has just added the new Keel line from Abco that is designed to fit today’s office styles. Check out Abco on our website here. Check out the Keel video:

Keel NeoCon 2011 from izzy+ on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “The New Look of Office Design

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  2. I spend my days sitting at some drafting Office furniture inside an office and it seems so unhealthy to never be outside. I recently starting getting up every 30 minutes and doing a walk around the office just to be active. It truly does pay off. Great post by the way. Great to see people on the same page!
    Thanks for post..

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