How To Choose the Right Furniture for a Collaborative Office Space

50% of jobs in the US require workers to participate as a member of a team. 52% of workers say that the collaboration they do with their jobs is essential to the company’s success. 

If you have employees who you expect to work collaboratively, they need the right kind of space to work collaboratively. 

What should you consider when creating a collaborative office space for your employees? Choosing the right furniture for collaborative workspaces can make the spaces more functional and inspiring, too. 

Read on for the things you should consider when planning your collaborative office space

Know Your Workspace Needs

As you consider collaborative workspace furniture, it’s important to take the time to anticipate your needs. 


  • What are the spaces that need furniture?
  • How do your employees work in those spaces?
  • How much room do you have (dimensions)?

Even if you don’t currently have designated collaborative workspaces, consider how you hope your employees will work collaboratively.

Before being overwhelmed with furniture and style ideas, having a vision in your head of your needs is smart. 

Consider Your Audience Needs

One of the most important factors in collaborative office space furniture is the people who will use it. 

Consider the demographics of your office, workers, and even who you’re trying to attract. What will make them feel their most creative and collaborative?

You want to have the right furniture for how they work best. Does that mean a huge conference table with seating? Maybe it’s gathering spots with furniture they can pull up. 

You also want to consider if you’ll have clients who might see the space. How can you meet clients’ needs who might come into your offices? 

Layout Considerations

The layout for furniture for collaborative workspaces is an important consideration. 

If your workspace is like many, you have a variety of needs. So, consider how you can arrange your furniture to meet your needs.

You may want some areas where workers lounge and spread out. You might have some who prefer more traditional desks and chairs. You’ll also want private workspaces that allow workers to make phone calls without distraction.

Variety of Form

One of the most important collaborative office space furniture tips has to do with form. You want a diverse furniture arrangement so people can sit, stand, or gather in the best way for them. 

You’ll want to include:

  • Tech-friendly furniture for power access
  • Task chairs and tabletops
  • Soft seating
  • Modular furniture

Also, consider if you need large group meeting areas and what furniture meets that need. 

Style Matters

Coworking space furniture shouldn’t just be functional. It should also help present a style that emotes the vibe of the workspace. 

Don’t underestimate the value of inviting aesthetics and its role in inspiring workers. 

Create a Collaborative Office Space That Works

Collaborative office space can inspire workers, help them to collaborate more openly, and be inviting simultaneously. 

Use these tips to create a collaborative workspace that meets your workers’ needs. We can help you plan your collaborative work areas. Contact us to learn more about workspace solutions.