5 Items of Conference Room AV Equipment You Shouldn’t Be Without

These days, finding appropriate conference room AV solutions is not an easy task.

In the days of conference rooms of old, you didn’t need much. Most of the time, all you needed to hold a meeting were an overhead projector and a pull-down screen. Well, you also needed a way to make a room completely dark.

Nowadays, things are much different. Thanks to modern technology, we have plenty of tools for organization and communication. The only problem is, how do you know which ones to get?

If you need some help on this, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll go over five pieces of conference room equipment you shouldn’t go without.

1. Interactive Whiteboard

At first glance, an interactive whiteboard looks like any other whiteboard.

Dig a little deeper, and you’ll discover a multi-touch display. With this, up to four people can write, manipulate objects and perform mouse functions at once. All you need are your fingers.

Also, you can connect an interactive whiteboard to printers and computers. This allows you to print your notes and share them with other participants.

2. Digital Virtual Presenter

Remember those old overhead projectors? Well, digital virtual presenters (or DVPs) are their modern equivalent.

As you may recall, overhead projectors used Fresnel lenses to collimate light. Well, DVPs use a video camera to project documents and 3D objects onto a screen. This makes it much easier for participants to notice these visual aids.

3. Video Conferencing System

With the rise of video conferencing, travel costs are no longer an issue for many companies.

The reason is simple: you no longer need to fly around the world to get to a meeting. Thanks to the various video conferencing systems, you can hold any meeting in the comfort of your own conference room.

Not sure which system to get? Look for one that has the iPanel system, which lets you chat and share documents at the same time. The iPanel also allows you to access the Internet during the conference.

4. Speakerphone

A speakerphone is a key piece of conference room AV equipment. If you make a phone call during a conference, you want all the participants to hear the conversation.

Most conference speakerphones come with a 360-degree microphone and have great sound quality. This can make it seem as if the speaker is right there in the conference room.

5. Collaboration Solution

When it comes to conference room presentation systems, nothing beats a collaboration solution.

What do these devices do? As the name implies, they enable multi-screen and multi-application collaboration. Anyone can use their own device and share content with anyone else in the world.

Needless to say, this is a perfect solution for conferences. After all, what other device allows you to combine presentation display, file sharing and video conferencing? And you can work on them all in real time!

More on Conference Room AV

Conferences have an important role in today’s work environment. That’s why having a well-equipped conference room is essential in fostering decision making. Plus, it’s always good to leave an impression on your visitors.

Not sure where to find affordable conference room AV solutions? We can help you out! Contact us right here, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.