Vacation Check List: 8 Tasks Before Taking Time off Work

work vacation checklist

8 Things to Do Before Taking some Time off Work

Did you know that over 50% of Americans don’t use their paid vacation time at work? For one reason or another, we’re hesitant about taking the time off that we’re entitled to! Not only are we entitled to it, but we desperately need it! The daily work grind can wear you down both physically and emotionally. As a result, you’re going to get burnt out, and the quality of work may begin to decline. If you haven’t taken a vacation in a while, now is the perfect time to do so! Here are eight things you can do before and after your vacation to ensure that you have a relaxing, stress-free week away!

1. Work Ahead

One thing that might hold you back from enjoying your time away is the work that you’re going to miss. The week before your vacation, take account of the important tasks that you’re going to miss the following week. If possible, work ahead and complete some of these tasks before going away.

2. Notify fellow employees/clients

Studies show that 61% of Americans still work while on their vacation. This doesn’t make for a very relaxing vacation. Make sure your fellow employees, clients and bosses know that you will be out of the office. If not, they may try to contact you, and you will feel obligated to tend to any problems they might have.

3. Adjust your Email and voicemail Settings

Even after you notify everyone who needs to know, chances are, someone will still attempt to contact you while you are gone. In order to minimize the risk of this happening, set up an auto-responder on your email letting people know that you will be out of the office, along with providing them with the contact information of someone else that would be able to help them. Don’t forget to change the outgoing message on your voicemail so people know that you’ll be out of the office.

4. Delegate Tasks

Many people fear going on vacation because they assume that no one else can do the work that they do. No matter how much work you do, just trust that your employees can handle the workload for a week. Since you’re going to be gone, make sure you delegate some of your responsibilities to other coworkers, so you know that your work is still getting done.

5. Plan Ahead

The biggest reason that many people are hesitant about going on vacation is the anxiety brought on by the idea of a mountain of work upon their return. In order to make sure you are able to enjoy your vacation, plan ahead to reduce some of the work that will be waiting for you. Do as much as you can before you leave, and make sure that all loose ends are taken care of.

6. Plan around Busy Seasons

Every business has a natural ebb and flow of busy periods. One way to make sure that your workload is minimized when you return is to plan your vacation around these busy seasons. For example, if summer is busy season for your workplace, then maybe it’s best to plan a vacation in the winter. On the bright side, travel and lodging prices usually go down during the off-season!

7. Make Checklists

Look at your calendar at what you will miss on vacation, and what you have going on upon your return. Make two checklists; one checklist of things you have to do before you leave and one checklist of high priority tasks you need to do on your first day back.

8. Clean your Desk

Coming back from vacation will be much worse if you come back to a cluttered desk. Take some time to clean off your desk and organize your papers, so you can return from your vacation with a clean slate and minimum anxiety!

After you finish all of these tasks, then you’re ready to hit the road for your stress free vacation! Have a great week, and we’ll see you when you get back!