Remodeling Your Conference Room? Here Are Some Ideas

conference room

Is your conference room in dire need of an update?

When it comes to doing business, the layout, and design of your conference room matters. It’s where you make big decisions and business relationships, so it needs to be top-notch. Do you know that you need to remodel your space, but not sure what to do or how to start?

We’re here to share some conference room layout and design ideas to help you design your dream workspace.

Design Tips for Remodeling Your Conference Room

Redoing a conference space isn’t easy, but it’s important! Here are some tips for creating a conference room that truly rocks.

Embrace Natural Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference when it comes to workplace productivity and the quality of life of employees. Studies even show that there is a strong relationship between daylight exposure and how employees sleep and perform.

When redoing your conference space, focus on adding more natural lighting. Add lamps and lighting systems that come with dimmers, so you can adjust the lighting if need be. And don’t forget to add curtains and blinds to help on days that are ultra-bright or gloomy.

Extra tip: If you don’t have natural lighting, try to cut back on fluorescent lighting by incorporating floor and desk lamps.

Update Any Technology

Conference rooms need to have the latest technology to be effective workspaces. That’s why you should install any technology that will help run presentations and meetings. You should also have good audio equipment and microphones.

When buying technology, try to buy large screens or multiple screens, so you can run video chats and show work presentations. These screens are also great for wowing clients.

Tip: If your conference room is short on space, design a built-in unit to house any multimedia or technology to keep the room clutter free. This will also make the room feel bigger.

Design a Space That is Comfortable for Employees & Clients

When it comes to your conference space, you should focus on creating a space that fosters equality and collaboration. A roundtable is a great way to encourage collaboration and make everyone feel included. Just make sure to avoid any kind of tiered seating that blocks people’s views or makes some people not feel included.

Your conference room should have many seats and plenty of room so people can move around and have smaller conversations. You should also buy ergonomic furniture so everyone will be comfortable.

Tip: If you’re not working with a big budget, consider buying used office furniture.

Final Thoughts on Conference Spaces

As long as people need to meet and business needs to be done, conference spaces are an essential part of any office. If you follow these design tips and layout ideas, you can create a conference space that offers collaboration, positive work culture, open communication, and comfort.

Are you currently redoing your office spaces? Contact workspace solutions today and let us help!