Office Spring Cleaning Tips [Checklist]

office spring cleaning tips

Spring cleaning is good for more than just the house and the garage — take this task to the workplace to refresh the office and rejuvenate staff for the new season! Here’s a suggested plan of action.

Allocate a particular day for everyone to chip in. Make it fun with casual dress and carry-in donuts or pizzas. Provide cleaning supplies (like disinfecting wipes and dusting cloths) and extra trash and recycling bins.

Individual Workspaces:


  • compressed air dusters clean keyboard and computer vents
  • disinfect the keyboard and mouse
  • wipe down the monitor
  • organize computer cords and cables

Desk & Furniture:

  • organize desk and properly file papers
  • dust and disinfect all surfaces
  • throw away useless writing utensils and broken office supplies
  • return borrowed items to the proper owners


  • empty and clean the fridge
  • clean the microwave, toaster, coffee maker, etc.
  • archive or purge old files — shredding any documents containing sensitive information
  • purge old electronic files, following the company’s document retention policies
  • get rid of old or broken computers. Be sure to remove hard-drives and send them to a hard-drive destruction company to have them destroyed.

Our friends at Federal Records Management and Shredding remind us that when performing an office clean out to be sure to properly dispose of all documents and files. Make sure all employees know your document destruction policy to avoid complications.

Get ready for spring and summer with a revitalized workplace — and if you find need new and better office furnishing options, visit the Workspace Solutions showrooms to see the latest in new and use office furniture and more!