Abco Keel – The backbone of the modern office

Some time ago (actually, a long time ago) we talked about a new product from Abco called Keel.  Keel is a modular office solution that was designed by Paul James. It’s all about balance in the workplace. The focal point rests at the heart of the design structure – what ABCO calls the keel: A simple, integral piece that offers extra strength and very easy assembly. A variety of work surfaces, storage units, and accessories will connect to the keel. This allows each workspace—in an open floor plan or private office—to be customized to the needs of individual users and a range of work flow requirements.

The traditional private cubicle is gone.  In it’s place is an office that more efficiently uses space, and encourages more collaboration.  Abco Keel is part of this revolution.  Your next office design will not be like your last one.  Find out how everything has changed for the better.  Talk to one of the office designers at Workspace Solution today about how you can design or re-design your office for the future.  And learn more about Abco Keel here.