Simple ways to personalize your office space

Tips on Personalizing Your Desk & Office Space

happy office workerStudies show that people who personalize their workspace are more satisfied with their jobs. It’s rewarding to have some sense of control over your environment. Feeling comfortable and free to express yourself at work can lead to other positive repercussions as you get through your day.

Of course, it’s also important to find a balance between expressing yourself and maintaing a professional appearance. Here are some suggestions for how to make small changes to your workspace — ways to bring more balance between work and your personal life:

Show Who You Are

Photographs — whether personal snapshots, postcards, or posters (if you have the space) — are an easy way to show visitors to your space what’s important to you. A souvenir from a favorite trip or a piece of art, like pottery or a small sculpture, are nice additions and spark interaction with visitors to your space. Remember to choose personalizing items wisely, avoiding anything that might offend a coworker, a client or customer. And, be sure to leave enough space on your desk to work comfortably.

Make it More Comfortable

Since you’re unable to choose your office furniture, here are some ideas for tasteful additions to make your office space more comfortable:

  • lighting — a desktop table light or a floor lamp behind a chair to give off a warmer glow than fluorescent lighting
  • a small, quiet fan if your office is too warm
  • a lap throw if your office it too cold
  • a foot rest for under your desk
  • a back support cushion for your office chair
  • some nature: a small plant or two, fresh cut flowers, even an easy-care fish like a goldfish or a beta fish in a small bowl

Keep It Simple

Keep in mind that while personalizing your space is important, too much clutter may make it difficult for you to work or give the impression that you are disorganized. Start with a few small personal touches and see how you like the changes. If you want to add more things, consider removing an item or two to avoid cluttering up your space.

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